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Well hello there rc fanatics, welcome to BigSquidRC and to THE Cub Report. My name is Cubby, and well, I love talking ’bout the hobby, shall we jump right in?

I am gonna start off this week with some Pro-Line love. For those of you that like to travel, P-L’s By The Fire scale crawling event is coming right up. By The Fire is generally regarded as one of the top crawling events in America, now is the time to make travel plans. The event goes down in Apple Valley, California on May 18th.

Also, while we are talking about Pro-Line, they are now teasing some low profile 2.8″ monster truck tires. It looks like the Trencher, Sand Paw, and the Street Fighter are going to get the lo-pro treatment first. Full details should be released on all three of these quite soon, I can’t wait to check out those bad boys in person.

On a different note, the crew over at Traction Hobby have been teasing more 1/8 scale crawler products. They have been teasing some uber portal axles for a few weeks now, but word is they are getting ready to drop one seriously impressive new scale crawler. The previous Traction Hobby trucks have been fairly solid, but we are hearing that we haven’t really seen anything yet!

For most outdoor driving areas, the extra tire size and ground clearance of an 1/8th scale rig really help. We have been hearing more and more rumors of large scale (1/8th’ish) sized crawlers on the way, but because of the economic climate of the hobby right now, very few have actually made it to the market. Will 2019 be the year that large scale crawlers break out? We’ll just have to wait and see…

As I wrap this thing up a bit early today, I do want to give out some thanks. I used to be much better at it, posting thanks at least once a year, but as I am a true slacker at heart, I don’t say thanks as often as I should. So, first off I gotta give Brian crazy props for putting up with all our non-sense (but even more so for cutting the checks! LOL). Next up I gotta say that Doug has been doing such a great job over the years, first with scale, then with the monster trucks. Dude is hardcore about his rc and he has done a great job of helping to promote the hobby over the years. Then we have guys like Wrench Bill and 3D Bill. Wrench Bill, who is on our Facebook group all the time, has bent over backwards for us so many times over the years, and still helps up keep our act together. 3D Bill is our flying guru, and as of late, has actually become the level-headed person of the group (quite unbelievable if you know all of us!)! Oh and, while you new readers might not recognize the name Jeff Hoy, he is our big old grizzly bear that has kept this site on all 4 wheels since basically the very start. Props to Jeff, hopefully we can talk him out of his house for the Denver show again this year (Btw, the Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo has a new date this year- Oct 12 & 13).

Then we’ve got Jeremy the new scale crawler guy who has been doing a fantastic job on new truck builds and his column. Jeremy is pretty gnar-core on his scalers, and I am a huge fan of how he writes up the scale column. After that, we’ve got Tim working on the press releases, Hawaiian Chris (and a bunch of others) helping to test, Mr. Gluth busting out the podcasts, etc. So ya, HUGE props to all the BigSquidRC Bash Crew, we’ve come a LONG ways, and have had a pretty fantastic time getting here.

However, the biggest props go to you, the BigSquidRC reader. To all you guys, thanks for the clicks, we have been busting a lot of hours around here so that you guys have cool stuff to read! Seriously guys, we really are el’ zero different than you, at the end of the day, we are just some guys that grew up loving rc cars, just like you. So thanks for reading, you guys are what make this industry go around!

So there ya have it, and there ya are, yet another Cub Report is in the books. Get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can!

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