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THE Cub Report – Holding Pattern…

Hello fellow rc enthusiast, I am THE Cub Reporter and I would like to thank you for making the click over to BigSquidRC. Like pretty much every industry right now, rc is pretty much in a “holding pattern”, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to talk about. Without further ado, let’s dive right on in...

As we sink into full Covid-19 social distancing mode, some people are strictly ordered to stay inside, while others have been affected very little. We’ve been lucky where I am and we can still go to local parks, but nearly everything else is closed. IFMAR has cancelled all their 2020 world championship events, something that I have no problem getting on board with. I know there is a lot money on the line for an elusive IFMAR world championship, but there are things worth much more than money, fame, or a world title- the lives of others, which of course is priceless. Many other big rc events have also been cancelled or rescheduled, something that should be absolutely applauded at this moment (and I hope you guys are gonna be ready for a BUSY fall season!!!).

Believe it or not, this virus will be gone before we know it. While it is an enormous shock to all of our systems, there is an omega a few months down the road. This time next year, hopefully, we’ll be able to look back and see how WELL we all handled ourselves during a time of crisis, not how poorly. We all love rc, so while things may straight up suck for a few months, we WILL be back outside driving with all our buddies before we know it.

In the rc news…

Despite many rc companies being closed or low on help, there were a bunch of new product and video releases last week. The crew over at ARRMA has been busy posting “behind the scenes” style videos for their 8S Kraton. The videos in the series are fairly long (over 10 minutes) and go really depth about the making of the beast. It takes a lot of time to shoot and edits such videos, but they are super informative and really fun to watch if you are a hardcore basher, regardless if you drive ARRMA or not.

The RC4WD crew has also been quite busy. It seems like the RC4WD crew releases dozens of new items per month, with pretty much all of them being little works of scale artistry. Last week they dropped new Warn shackles, a perfect accessory for nearly any scale rig. RC4WD has long been a leader in scale realism, their Warn shackles are fully licensed and look impeccable, huge props!

Another hardcore scale brand that constantly drops new product is Vanquish. They regularly drop esoteric new axles, wheels, etc, and last week we posted about their high-end Currie licensed front axle for the Axial Racing Capra. Like most Vanquish products, they look insanely scale, but also have some smart upgrades over stock. With more steering angle than most axles and a bit of camber, the Vanquish axles look gnarly, while also blowing the stock parts away for straight up performance.

Also for new products was Carisma with a kit version of their high-end CRF-1 F1 chassis. Ivan and his crew put serious work into the CRF-1 and it shows. This is the same chassis that came with their retro Team Lotus Type 98T, but should also make for a great platform for custom rwd on-road builds. Heck, I think I need one just to sit on my desk. I mean, the CRF-1 is littered with carbon fiber and looks like it is going 200 mph while sitting still, big props to Carisma!

There ya go for this week rc people across the globe. As always, support your hobby any way that ya can, be well, and see you again next week on the same Bat channel.

YOUR Cub Reporter

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