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THE Cub Report – I Told YOU So

Oh yes, this Cub Report has been a long time coming. I have held off for quite some time, but it had to be written, so here it is. The first paragraph, well, about 99.99% of you can simply skip because you’ll have no idea what I am talking about, but to the .01% of people in the industry that know what’s up, you’ll either be getting a good giggle or a good chew’n out of it.

I told you so… then you decided that going straight to thermonuclear war was the proper response. I tried to warn you, I tried to help you out, and all I got in return was being called the Devil himself and get’n flipped the bird. You thought you knew it all, you believed people who were trying to milk you dry, instead of actually listening to someone who knew Exactly what was going on and who was trying to help you. You are in one hell of a tight spot, something that could have been entirely avoided had you listened to me, but no, you decided going into full idiot mode was the best answer. Now you are a laughing stock among the industry, and me, I am once again proven to be right. And what, you didn’t think that people inside your building wouldn’t be emailing me from their private accounts exactly what was going on all this time? All I have to say is this, the next time you see me, and I will make it a point to see you, when you see that huge grin on my face, you’ll know it is there because I knew I was right all this time and that you had to suffer because of it. But wait, there’s more! However, this time I’m gonna let this one blindside you, just like you deserve. You think you’ve had a rough time lately? Have fun for the rest of your 17’…

Now… on to real rc news.

Hey, did ya see the new Spektrum Servo? Sure ya have if you are a Big Squid reader, it is the one that comes with a built in Spektrum receiver. Ya know, it is pretty dern rare when a servo makes big news, but the Spektrum S6240RX sure does. Now, because it has a built in receiver, it isn’t as flexible as a normal unit, but you have to respect how Spektrum took a risk to put out something different, and something that I can’t wait to lay my hands on. I am a big fan of saving weight and extra wiring, plus the servo has great specs for a tenth scale unit. Props to the Horizon crew for once again taking a chance to lead the pack.

And how about those HRC Inflatable Crawling Tires? No, inflatable tires haven’t had a great past in rc, but when done properly, and especially when used in low speed applications like crawling, they should be able to work really well. Previous attempts have been too bouncy and mushy, but hopefully the people at HRC have made the changes to the sidewalls to make those units usable. Will we start seeing more from more mainstream manufacturers? We’ll have to wait and see, although I know at least one big name has been tossing around the idea for years.

And in perhaps the biggest news of last week… Traxxas announced their original Bigfoot No.1. Oh yes, the internet pundits love to throw that truck under the bus because it sits on the tried and true Stampede platform, but when I saw the truck I instantly noticed all the scale detailing on its body. The Traxxas 2017 Raptor had a bunch of detailing as well, but I think the old Bigfoot even goes past that. When will Traxxas release an ultra-realistic chassis to go under some of these trucks? I have absolutely zero idea, but if they do, they are gonna sell a zillion of them.

Finally… how about that Durability Testing Video that Redcat posted last week? Ok, so I am warped, I am used to driving cars like that on a daily basis (thanks Bill & Mikeee for fixing them!), but it was truly awesome to see that we aren’t the only industry people beating on cars like they owe us money. I have ragged on Redcat for Years, but after having seen some of their new products, after watching their beat down videos (including their X-Mas employee demo derby), and having talked to them multiple times at trade shows, I have an all new respect for the Redcat crew.

So there ya have, there is no more, this week’s Cub Report is a wrap. As I always like to say, support your local bash spots and hobby shops whenever you can.

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