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THE Cub Report – Into The Home Stretch

Thank goodness, another week is in the books, as well as one week closer to the holidays being over. Hey, I love the holiday season, but it does get extra busy this time of year. Hence the reason I can’t wait for the slower times of January.

For rc news, the crew at Horizon Hobby lead the pack last week. We Did A Post Last Week talking about how there was an ARRMA Voltage RTR featured in a McDonalds advertising campaign. Folks, that is a HUGE amount of eyeballs on a hobby grade rc product! The hobby can sure use more mainstream exposure and a McDonalds tv commercial is as mainstream as it gets. We’ve heard that the people from McDonalds contacted the crew at Horizon and a month later the commercial was airing on tv! That is some seriously awesome news for not only ARRMA/Horizon, but also for local hobby shops and other manufacturers. Giant ad campaigns like that can help drive traffic to brick/mortars, as well as on-line retailers, which would be a great thing this year for a whole lot of people working in the industry. Oh and, one last thing on this topic. When will we see ARRMA/Vaterra/Losi trucks showing up in happy meals???

Also in the news from last week was Redcat Racing with their Gen8 Scout II AXE edition scale crawler. What’s the big dealio? Well, a couple of things. First off, it comes with a sensored brushless system, thus giving it Serious power, along with Bluetooth adjust-ability. It also comes with portals to maximize its performance in hardcore rock/mud sections. Also of note- the AXE comes with a number of branded aftermarket electronics. That signifies another growing trend in the rc biz. You’ve probably seen Horizon products starting to ship with their higher-end SMART electronics. Now we see Redcat showing off “higher-end” electronics from Flysky, HW, & Reefs. Interesting trend to keep an eye on ya’ll…

Lastly for this week, I am a huge fan of Pro-Line’s Big Give holiday charity program. The Pro-Line crew has given away a LOT of money to charity the last few years with their Big Give, it is awesome to see it again for 2019. Pro-Line is easily one of the best companies in rc, and for many reasons, props to them!

So there ya go ya bunch of lunatics, have a fantastic week! Until next week, support your local hobby shops and bash spots whenever ya can!

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