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Here we are folks, it is indeed another Fun-day Monday, and here we are for THE Cub Report. I hope that you had a wonderful weekend filled with rc, this week I’ve decided to go over a few big releases that I don’t think I’ve talked about before. So here we go…

The first new item I want to go over is the RC4WD Desert Runner RTR. So… having talked with numerous upper level suits in the industry, many are looking at the Desert Runner RTR with a very close eye. While talking to said industry suits, more than one has talked about how they might see our industry turning into a high-end hobby that starts to produce all the latest full sized releases, but in incredibly scale accurate rc sizes. As it is now, some of the trucks from RC4WD put to shame certain dedicated static models for realism and accuracy, and now RC4WD is pushing that limit even further with the insanely scale detailed Desert Runner. While not licensed by an full scale company, we expect to see a LOT more new releases like it, and can’t wait till the day when we can go out and buy an immaculately scaled 2019 GTR, Escalade, JH Jeep, Raptor, etc, that will be uber-scale both inside and out.

Next up, how about that Tamiya Comical Grasshopper? OK, so if you are a long time hardcore hobbyist, you might just dismissed it (like I normally would have), but in today’s economy, the Comical Grasshopper is turning out to be a pretty big deal. Its fresh and fun look, combined with a low price and how easy it is to build, is going to make it a huge seller for this holiday season. After having driven/beaten on one for a couple weeks, lift me up and put me on the Comical Grasshopper bandwagon as it has totally won over our test-crew with how fun it is to drive. I am putting this in THE Cub Report because I expect it to be such a big success that there will be more of those on the way, and by those I mean “comical” themed vehicle releases. So ya, you might not be into that scene quite yet, but it will be one to watch in the coming months.

There is one more vehicle that I have not spoken much about, and that is the Losi Super Rock Rey. The Super Rock Rey is a giant beast of an off-road machine, but doesn’t break the bank with a $799 price point. The Losi crew really went above and beyond on this one, with scale realism oozing out of nearly every inch of the beast. We’ve been beating on our test unit for a while now, expect our full review to go live at some point in the near future. Otherwise, I am digging its gnarly look and how fun it is to drive over extremely rough ground. Oh ya, those rubber shock reservoir hoses and real rear suspension down-travel limiting straps are just awesome touches, big props to the Losi crew.

So there ya have it for this week ya bunch of goons, get out and support those local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can!

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