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Hello friends, coming to you live from the greater St Louis metro area, this is me, and this is THE Cub Report. No, there isn’t anything huge on the agenda for this week, but here are a couple notes.

Save the dates- April 7th for our scale crawling event in Crystal City Missouri, as well as June 1-3 for Horizon Hobby’s RC Fest in Champaign, IL. Our scale event is going to be a fantastic way for folks to get together and do some scale crawling, while RC Fest will also be bringing together tons of different hobbyists from different genres. Horizon is the primary sponsor of our upcoming scale event, and we’ll be taking a bigger part in this year’s RC Fest as well. Good times ahead, now if this cold weather can just find its way out of here…

We did a post about RC Newb’s Tim Gluth and his upcoming podcasts on BigSquidRC last week. In my opinion, Gluth easily has the best podcast in the rc world and we are super stoked to be working with him. It looks like the first podcast should go live the first week of March, we can’t wait. Oh ya, Derek Wagner is first up on the podcast. Derek is himself a fan of podcasts, and he is also a good speaker, so I am especially stoked to listen to this one.

We will be doing a post this week about our new sales person “Hawaiian” Chris Liwanag. Chris has long been helping us test here at BigSquidRC and now will be moving up to sales. Brian will be still be handling all current accounts, while Chris will be reaching out to various other bashing oriented companies. Chris is extremely well rounded with his rc knowledge and has always been great to work with on this end.

I have sitting in front of me a brand new Traxxas E-Revo 2.0. The smile on my face is pretty enormous, although the weather outside says it is gonna be a few more days until we can try to escape Earth’s gravitational pull with it. But seriously folks, the Revo 2.0 is a big dealio for the bashing industry. It is a quintessential bash truck that has been updated for even new levels of performance and durability. And ya, we are beyond stoked to pull some trigger on this one, but that pesky weather, uggghh…

That’s it for this week ya bunch of lunatics. If you get the opportunity, drop by your local hobby shop and/or bash spot. Until next week, go fast, crash hard, buy lots of parts…

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