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THE Cub Report – Kiss’n The Ring

Well hola there fellow rc enthusiast, I am Cubby, and welcome to my report. Each week I take a look at the world of rc, and sometimes like this week, talk about some of the cool stuff coming down the road for all us rc folks. Why wait any longer, lets dive right in…..

So, the Biggest Product Announcement of the Year is scheduled to drop later this week or early next! We’ve been told that this is gonna be a HUGE one, but I don’t know when the teasing will start (I guess it starts right here!). All will become known very soon, but… is it an over-the-top monster truck, or maybe a high-end crawler, or perhaps some revolutionary piece of electronics? OK, that is all the teasing I can do at this point, but seriously, keep an eye on our dot com all week because if the hype is anywhere nearly as good as the product, this one will be a big game changer.

The crew around the BigSquidRC offices has been busy getting everything ready for the Denver/Colorada show that kicks off next week. We are taking a big crew out west- Brian, Tim, myself, Hawaiian Chris, 3D Bill, plus Tommy “Chong” Wielgomas will be in our booth showing off some of the coolest new rc products. Of course we will have our world famous BigSquidRC Spoke-models on-hand, plus we will be putting on two big-air rc demos per day on Saturday and Sunday. You can drop by our booth to check out cool rc gear, to grab some stickers, talk shop, or to just get a pic with one of our beautiful booth babes. After the show, there are numerous parties already planned, and based on how hard our entire industry has been working lately, there are going to be a LOT of people blowing off some serious steam. So ya, I expect the after-show activities to be freak’n epic at the Rocky Mountain show this year.

I remember a number of years ago after one of the iHobbys at Rosemont in Chicago, there was a huge party put on by one of the magazines. I can’t remember which at the moment, but essentially they (the mag peeps) loaded everyone up on buses after the show, then drove them to a bar/restaurant where the party was. The dining area was completely filled with hardcore industry folks (OK, and a lot of their friends!) and there was such a good vibe in the place. At that time iHobby was in its glory days, with record turnouts for both manufacturers and consumers, so everyone was jovial with very few worries. After a number of drinks, people really loosened up and started talking. You could see the big guy from company X talking to the head of company Y, and while very little “real business” took place that night, I can promise you that everyone at that party still thinks highly about the time they had. Many friends were made just at that one party, friendships that are still going strong today. Amazing the good times that can happen when people get together in a friendly manner and have a few drinks….

OK folks, I have got to get back to more show prep (read- trying to keep Tommy out of trouble, LOL), I wish you all a funtastic week, and hope you get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots whenever you can.

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