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THE Cub Report – Labor Day Fun

Well hello there fellow rc fans, thanks for reading BigSquidRC and THE Cub Report.

Labor Day is generally a time for fun here in the USA. Most people don’t have to work that day, and for most of us, it brings an end to summer. Vacations are mostly over and all the kids are back in school. It signifies that it is time for that hardcore sprint to the finish line of 2018.

For Labor Day the entire BSRC Bash Crew is out and about having fun, hopefully just like you guys. Labor Day is a big day for bashing rc cars with so many people being off work, I hope you got in plenty of batteries (or tanks) over the last 3 days, I know we sure have.

I do want to touch on a couple pieces of rc news from last week, I mean, last week had some pretty big releases.

First up on my list is the new Bash Armor body from Pro-Line. Last week Pro-Line announced an all new type of basher body for them, one made from their unique “Bash Armor” soft plastic. The Bash Armor is not made from a polycarbonate, it is made from a pliable soft plastic that bends instead of breaking/cracking. This seems to me like a big leap in body tech, as even a heavy duty polycarbonate body can be destroyed in a couple weekends of extreme bashing. Big props to the P-L crew for bringing some really cool tech to the marketplace to make bashing an even more enjoyable hobby.

Oh ya, I gotta say something about the new Traxxas Rustler 4×4. No, “stadium trucks” are not a “hot” class ATM, but they can be epic bash machines. Years ago (like 20) I lusted for a 4×4 1/10 stadium truck. At that time there just weren’t many dependable 1/10 trucks that could withstand extreme bashing. Now days there are a bunch of epic 1/10 4wd trucks, but not many in the stadium category. The new Rustler 4×4 is starting to look like a slightly smaller E-Revo, and that is a good thing. The new Rustler has the body latching off their latest gen trucks, plus it looks beefed up everywhere. Are we staring at another epic bash truck from Traxxas? Can’t wait to send-one in person to find out. 🙂

Alright, I’ve got steaks burning on the grill. Until next week, get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can! Oh and, throw an rc sticker on your full sized rig to help promote the hobby you love!

YOUR Cub Reporter

P.S.- Cubby’s Media Summit 2018? OK, so I seriously thought that I would get zero response from last week’s Cub Report, but, well, I was wrong. It looks like I will indeed be buying food and drink for some of my brothers in the rc media world at the Denver Hobby Expo. If you are a part of the rc media, and I don’t care how big or small, and want in, shoot me (or Brian) an email. And for those already on board, can’t wait to meet and see how we can help each other grow.

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