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THE Cub Report – Lamborghini Shih Tzu

Hello there rc fanatics, thanks for joining us on BigSquidRC. I am Cubby and this is my Cub Report, which can vary a bunch, but this week I am going to go over some of the big releases from last week. Here we go...

Ya know, there was a LOT of cool gear announced last week, but my personal favorite has to be… wait for it… sooo close… the Losi 5IVE-T 2.0 short course truck. I am a huge fan of large scale and it was good to see some updates for the giant Losi. By the way, rc racing NEEDS for that class to take off, yes, the 1/5 gas truck class. It has it all. It has scale looks, it has the sound of a real gasoline racing, and the trucks are much easier to see/follow (for spectators) with their giant size and slower speeds. No doubt, 1/5th scale racing isn’t for the light of wallet, but rc racing would greatly benefit if it took off, just say’n…

Next up has to be the Plum Crazy Purple edition of the Kyosho Challenger Hellcat. I am a big fan of Kyosho’s scale’ish on-road cars and a Plum Crazy Hellcat is perfect for the American market (Read- but mostly for me, I really want one, LOL). The Hellcat also comes on a new Kyosho chassis to make an already solid platform, even better.

And then there was the… Exclusive RC scale interior for the Traxxas TRX-4 (Which will have dashes available for the 95′, plus the 78′ and 79′!!!). So ya, this is the new bomb-diggity, big names need to pay very close attention to companies like Exclusive RC. These lighting fast 3D printing companies are putting out some incredibly trick parts, parts that are very highly sought after by consumers. Yes, the 3D printing revolution is gaining speed…

Hey, as a proud Kyosho Nexxt owner (Paid full price at my LHS! OK, so not quite “full” price, LOL) I was stoked to see the 2.0 version of the Rage. We reviewed the original a few years ago, and while weird looking (which I personally liked), it was a blast to bash around the park with. The 2.0 version still has some original Rage look, while also being a bit more scale (mass market friendly), plus it received a number of other performance & durability upgrades. Count me in for one.

Furthermore… Tamiya posted a new action video for their Comical Grasshopper (You better be on a list now if you want one this fall) which was all sorts of old school. With some 70’ish music, and some simple driving around in grass, the Tamiya video crew put together a perfect promo vid for a uniquely cool vehicle.

So before I drone on forever, I will call it quits. Thanks for reading and as always, get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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