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THE Cub Report- Long, Heartfelt Messages

Hello there rc people, thanks for finding our little corner of the world wide web. I am Cubby and this is BigSquidRC, a website dedicated to the basher side of the rc hobby.

Over the years, I have received a number of long, heartfelt messages. Some come from industry folks, but most have come from consumers. Just like your “normal” job, there is nobody that walks around patting backs in the rc industry, so it is always stoking to read some nice words about work you have done. I do post some “nice job” emails in ASK Cubby, but the really heartfelt stuff only sees the light of my eyes, as I feel that is only fitting.

This week I would like to encourage everyone to pat someone on the back that works in the rc industry. If you work in the industry, shoot out an email to another company complimenting them on one of their latest releases, or perhaps a quick props email to another company for their help over the years. If you are a consumer, consider sending an email (or FB message) to your favorite car or accessory manufacturer. Shoot them a message about one of their products that has really made a difference for you in the hobby. Tell ARRMA how that last truck was the best money you’ve ever spent. Let Spektrum know how much their new transmitter has transformed the hobby for you. Tell the guys over at Pro-Line, or RC4WD, or Hitec, or FireBrand, etc, what you like the most about their products, I can assure you that your kind words will brighten someone’s day.

A few years ago one of my closer friends lost everything in the hobby. He lost his business, all his money, he lost his house, and the stress levels were so high that his wife even left him. Yes, she even got the dog (sigh). While you or I might have a bad day in rc when we strip a spur gear on a new truck, a bad day in the hobby for him was losing everything, Everything! Changing times in the hobby may have brought my buddy down, but he is getting everything back together in another industry right now. However, the last couple years for him, well, they have been incredibly hard. My guy loved the hobby so much that he was willing to risk everything, we should admire people like him that have the stones to risk it all, just to give you and me a better experience in the hobby.

My point this week is, there are a lot of people working their butts off every day for you in this industry, many of them with a LOT on the line. They are working to design better products, to produce more useful items, and to simply make the hobby even more fun for you on the weekends. Why not give someone working in the hobby a kudos? I am sure the guy behind the counter at your LHS would love to receive a nice word, no different from the guys designing the next uber car or truck.

That’s it for this week ya animals! Like I always say, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can! Throw an rc sticker on your full sized rig to help promote the hobby you love too!

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