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Hello there fellow rc fanatics, welcome to Big Squid. I am Cubby and every Monday I take a look back at some of the big product announcements from the previous week. Plus, I also talk about other important happenings in the rc industry. Shall we kick the tires and light the fires???

Finally, it is Rocky Mountain Expo Week! For those of you who may not know, the Rocky Mountain Expo is a hobby trade show in Denver that has been going on for several years now. We have been big supporters of the show in the past and can’t wait to get there later in the week. For all you hobbyists living in the greater Denver metro area, and for all those up for a road trip, we would love to have you drop by our booth. We’ll have a bunch of the “latest and greatest” products on display from a number of different manufacturers, plus we’ll be putting on rc driving demos all weekend long. You can also drop by our booth and pick up some free stickers, talk smack with our Bash Crew, and even get your pic taken with a smoking hot BigSquidRC Promotional Model. For you industry types, there is an industry day on Friday, and as you already know, the parties there tend to get EPIC. Oh and yes, while I blow off most shows, Denver is one that I never miss, so hopefully see you there this weekend.

Here is some HUGE news for bashers… the crew over at Pro-Line are now teasing new Belted on-road tires. While the P-L crew has not released full details yet, it looks like they have new SCT drag tires (Reaction HP SC), as well as 1/8 buggy street tires (Avenger HP) on the way. Wowwwzzzaaa! Can I get a long slow clap from some bashers out there? Even for me personally, it is going to be Awesome to be able to walk down to my LHS and buy some belted SCT & 1/8 buggy tires from Pro-Line. P-L has had a great year for releasing new tech (Brute bodies, belted MT tires), in fact, 2019 just might be one of their best years ever for releasing new products for bashers. Props to everyone at P-L, I can’t wait to see what’s next from those guys.

I don’t know if you noticed, but Jeremy did a pretty cool Unboxing for the new Axial Capra. Ya know, the Capra is not a radical departure from the SCX10 II platform, but boy are people stoked for it. All those long time, hardcore off-road guys, the ones that have done a dozen builds in the last 5 years, well they seem to be foaming at the mouth for it. It’s a new Axial, it has portals, and it was designed for high performance right out of the box, so it seems a big portion of the crawling community wants one. Jeremy and the Chicago crew are out pounding on our new test unit right now, expect the full review in a few weeks.

So there ya have it ya bunch of party animals. Until I see ya in Denver this weekend, get out and support your hobby shops and bash spots when ya can!

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