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The Cub Report – Lost…

I had a big “What to expect in 2019” Cub Report planned for this week as I traditionally do on the first week of a new year, but it will have to wait another 7 days. You see, I lost a reader last week. Actually, you know me, I probably lost us hundreds of readers last week alone, but, I lost a particular reader, one that was incredibly special to me...

I lost a reader who I actually respected. I lost a reader who I actually cared if he read, or not.

He had told me on several occasions how he read THE Cub Report. Well, that amazed me in an awesome way, but that wasn’t even the good part. The best part was that he was honest. He was wise enough to see the lessons I had yet to learn, and more than bold enough to truthfully relay the message of where I was way ahead of the curve, as well as where I was behind. I am used to everyone telling me what I want to hear, not what I NEED to…

BTW, what amazed me the most about the man was how respectful he was of those around him. Sure, he had to deal with everyone from elite F1 driver types, to the Average-Joe basher guy looking for a new monster truck. He was equally respectful to both, and equally respectful to me. That I admire beyond words.

At some point in the future, him and I were going to have a long sit down. Sadly, we missed that chance here in this life. I guess that is the point this week boys and girls. Remember that track you’ve always wanted to race at, but never have? I am saying that NOW is the perfect time. Why not go check out their latest track layout and chat with their friendly staffers? What about your bashing buddy that you have been too busy to text for the last 6 months? Neither one of you are getting any younger, why not get the good times going again?

I am at a loss for more words, so that’s where I will leave things for this week…

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