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Hello there and welcome to BigSquidRC. We’ve been around for a long time now days (closing in on 15 years?) and we are one of the biggest sites on the web for hobby grade rc news and reviews. Some of you guys have been reading for years, others are here for the very first time. Regardless, welcome and lets get this thing kicked off…

The AMA motocross nationals are underway right now and both the 250 and 450 classes are having “better than average” competition. While there have been a few notable injuries this season, most of the higher-end racers have taken to the “Dungey” style of racing where it isn’t about crushing the competition this moto, it is all about season long consistency. This seems to be keeping a whole lot more guys on the bike and out of the hospital. With that said, all the extra competition is giving multi-time national champion Eli Tomac quite the hard time. Tomac has been extremely dominant in the past outdoors, but with guys like K-Roc, Webb, El Hombre, and Marvin the Martian hot on his heals, even Tomac is having to work really hard to win a moto. In the 250s, AC92 took off like a beast at the start of the season, but what caused him to lose a “sure thing” SX title, seems to be creeping into his outdoor campaign. Adam was one of the best amateurs MX has ever seen, but thanks to injuries, and the incredible stress of going Pro as “the next big thing”, Adam has yet to put a pro title on his mantel. Right now, he “should” have the 2019 250 title well under control, it is his to lose. Will he brain fade? Time will tell…

Oh so, I mentioned MX because it is actually interesting to watch this year. That isn’t the case with F1. So what’s new in F1? Nothing, it is all Mercedes like it has been for years. Being the kind of person that loved to wake up in the middle of the night to watch Senna, Lauda, and Prost scrapping it out for titles in “iffy” cars, half way around the world, I find today’s age of F1 racing quite boring…

Ummmmmmm… so is it time for some rc yet? LOL

Did you know that we have a new Drift Column? All you BigSquid Super Fans out there will know that we had a drift column several years ago, but haven’t had one for a long time, so we are super stoked to have a dedicated column again. New to the staff is our buddy Martin, who is seriously hardcore about the side-ways scene. So far his columns have been filled with all sorts of excellent drift info, you can use this link to check out Loosing Grip.

For all you gnar-core bashers, an old name in rc, Hobao, has announced a new 1/7th scaled beast. The Hyper MT Plus II is certainly plus-sized, coming in at over 27 inches in length! It is also interesting that they are offering it as a RTR with a choice of body colors, or as an ARR that comes without electronics and a clear body. The ARR unit with a clear body is a great choice for long time hobbyists who have a plethora of electronics just laying around, while the RTR units look ready for serious battle. To sum it up, glad to see Hobao putting out a big new release.

I also wanted to touch on the new MST front wheel drive on-road car that we posted last week. Their new E6 Honda Civic has a great looking body and should certainly drive like a real Civic with its front wheel drive. Btw, MST is a name that is really starting to break out in the rc hobby now days. A lot of people know them from their drift kits, but they have also been putting out some very serious scale off-road trucks as well. There is no doubt that we’ve lost a bunch of big brands names in the last few years, but there are several companies stepping up their game like MST, Cross RC, Gmade, etc. The newer names are bringing some fresh enthusiasm to the hobby, along with seemingly very solid product.

OK, so that’s all I have in me this week. From the entire crew here at BigSquidRC, we would like to Thank You for reading! Oh and, as always, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can!

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