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THE Cub Report – Merry Christmas, Even To You

Merry Christmas to all you rc hobbyists out there. You long term readers will already know what this Cub Report is about. For the noobies, every year at Christmas I walk around the office and ask the Bash Crew what they would like to see under their Christmas tree this year if money were no object. Here are their responses-

Hawaiian Chris – Chris, one of our best test drivers, has done a lot of large scale and crawling in the past, but now days is more into putting in laps on the practice track. This year what Chris wants the most is the RC4WD Martin Crawlers Edition TF2. While Chris isn’t much into the scale scene, he just has to have one after having driven one so much during our scale shootout. Oh and, he just doesn’t Santa to deliver a truck, he wants a new Futaba 7PX to control it with too. Can’t blame him, the 7PX is freak’n awesome.

Doug “Scaler Guy” Welker – You all already know Doug, he writes scale and monster truck columns here at BigSquidRC. When I asked Doug he also stated that he wanted one of those ridiculously uber RC4WD Martin Crawlers Edition TF2 crawlers. Doug has long been into scale scene, and has loads of trucks at home, but the Martin TF2 is so stunning in person that even a long time scale driver wants to put one in his scale rc garage.

Iron Mikeee – Oh yes, Iron Mike. He got his nickname from his cast iron stomach and he is the guy that puts in pack-after-pack-after-pack when we review cars. This year Mike didn’t really want another car, instead he wanted to up his electronic’s game. What he wants to wake up and find would be a new Hitec D955TW Digital Servo and a pair of MaxAmps 2S 6500 LiPo Batteries. Mike does have a ton of cars (literally) but he says he can always use a high-end servo and more batteries.

Wrench Bill – My homeskillet Bill does all our wrenching up in the Chi-Town area. He has a thankless job, but without him, nothing would ever really get done. For X-Mas this year Bill wants to find a Cross Demon SG4 under his tree. Ya, you might be saying “A what?”, but the Cross RC Demon is one seriously cool looking rig.

Robbie G. – Formerly a guy that was only into off-road bashing, Robbie has taken a strange turn as of late. The powerful forces of the drifting scene have somehow managed to get their hands on to him, thus making him want a Firebrand Baller 2.0 XDR body along with CHAR–D29R drift wheels/tires. I have no doubt that the FireBrand RC body and wheels/tires would give Robbie’s current drift car a Massive face lift.

Craig “The Uber Ramp Guy” Nelson – Ya know, Craig is our guy when it comes to building ramps or hydroplaning. He has built ramps for all our record long jump attempts and he was hydroplaning rc cars years before it was “cool”. In past years, he has asked for some obscure military looking vehicle that nobody actually ever made (Ripsaw I think?), this year he wants the massive HPI Baja 5R 1970 Mustang. Craig has been driving mostly 1/5th scale for the last several years, it is no wonder he wants the ’70 Mustang with its big gas engine and stylish old school body.

Tim “Racer Guy” Mohr – While back in the day Tim did loads of racing, now days he concentrates on hardcore bashing. Tim is the guy that does all our press release posts and also puts in a lot of hours working on reviews. For Christmas this year the thing he wants most under the tree is a new Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4. I’ve seen Tim drive our test PRO-MT 4×4 around and his driving style (WFO, do you have insurance?) seems to blend perfectly with the truck. While testing, he was able to hit some pretty crazy transitions that just didn’t seem possible, can’t wait to see what he could do with more trigger time.

3DBill – 3DBill got his name because he used to be our go-to 3D air guy. When it came to planes and foamies, he was the man. Now a days he spends a lot of time cooking in the kitchen, flying quads, or bashing trucks with the rest of us. His wishlist also had the Pro-line PRO-MT 4×4 on it. He was there when we first announced the original PRO-MT, and has seen ours bashing around, but now he wants one for his personal RC stash.

Andrew “Quad Guy” Schaefer – Yes, Andrew helps us out with all our drone reviews and such, but when I talked to him he actually wants a surface product. Because he has been having so much fun getting in some laps at the local outdoor track, he wants a TLR EIGHT-E 4.0 buggy kit. He told me he enjoys building a kit, and he knows how fast the 4.0 is at this local track, so that’s what his ultimate vehicle under the tree would be.

Brian “Tesla Guy” Smolik – Ya, so if ya didn’t know, Brian owns the place around here. Brian doesn’t race, like ever (or at least since the 1980’s) and typically prefers to drive monster trucks because of their larger sizing. For Christmas this year Brian wants the new truck that Horizon Hobby is teasing. That truck gets announced on Thursday, and once you see it, you’ll totally understand why it is the one thing he wants the most.

And most importantly, What Do I Want? Well, as much as I rag on Associated, I actually broke down and just paid cash for a new B6. Myself, and some of the guys from work, plan on racing after the first of the year, so I went with a B6 to get back to my roots, as well as to see first hand what the latest AE 2wd is like. Otherwise, what would I like to find under my Christmas tree? Oh ya, that would be the Dromida FPV Monster Truck. Ya, I have one sitting right here, but I would love a second so me and my son could FPV bash together.

So there ya are folks. Our entire Bash Crew would like to wish you and yours a most wonderful Christmas!

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