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Hey there fellow rc enthusiast, I am Cubby and this is my report, thanks for joining me. Once a week I take a look back to talk about the major announcements and releases from the previous week, shall we jump right in???

First up, the grapevine has been going like fire about a big industry deal. The dealio will bring a couple of big companies back together, which will be nothing but awesomeness for our industry. More soon on this one…

In product announcements, Horizon owned it last week! First they dropped a new 1/10 ARRMA Big Rock Crew Cab, which is a great/gnarly bash truck for the holiday sales season. It has a big brushless power-plant to go along with its ARRMA durability, so it should be great fun tearing up the backyard with. Then they dropped an affordable new Vaterra Ascender Suburban, which might not come with some of the higher-end features of a normal Vaterra crawler, but will fill a nice spot as an entry level crawler. Its body was very well done, plus it just has that great vintage vibe. Then Horizon announced an incredibly cool looking 1972 Camaro SS. While on-road isn’t setting any sales records now days, that Camaro looks bad @ss and I must put one in my rc garage (plus that platform drives so well for having tank reliability)!!! Across the board, all three units look right on-point and should fly off the shelves this fall.

But wait, there’s more! Even before Horizon dropped the three new cars, they announced their all new Spektrum Smart Technology products. The Smart products from Spektrum are next gen in battery/charger tech, with each pack carrying a small microchip that tells the charger its perfect charge parameters. The Spektrum Smart Technology products are some next level tech that can make your battery charging life easier, while also making the charge process safer.

And while Horizon may have owned the hottest posts of last week, the crew at CEN Racing were doing a little announcing on their own. First they announced the “unique” looking Fiat 500 monster truck, and over the weekend they dropped a very cool scale monster truck called the MT-B50. The B50 was scaled after an actual full sized custom monster truck and it shows, it has scale detailing Everywhere, and comes riding on solid axles, just like a monster truck should. The B50 doesn’t ship til December, so you are gonna want to be a list if you want one in your hands in 2018.

The Denver shows keeps gaining steam, if you haven’t gotten a booth for your company yet, now is the time. We are getting a really good vibe about this year’s show, there are going to be a lot of the big names there, perfect for rubbing elbows with all the right people. The Cubby RC Media Summit (LOL) has also gained more steam, shoot me or Brian an email for more info, or simply drop by our booth at the show on Saturday and say hello.

So there ya have it ya bunch of racing lunatics, until next week support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can!

YOUR Cub Reporter

PS- For those of you that get the significance of today’s title on today’s date, I salute you…

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