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THE Cub Report – Nearing the Apogee

Well hello there fellow rc enthusiast, thanks for coming over to BigSquidRC to check things out. I use THE Cub Report each week to talk about happenings in the industry, new product releases, as well as other non-sense. No need to wait, let’s dive on in…

First up, believe it or not, we are nearing the apogee for the SARS-CoV2 virus. That means that we are nearing the highest point of people catching it, and dying from it. This means, right now, through the next few weeks, is by far the most important time to social distance. What the virus has done across the globe has been terrible, but as each day passes, we are that much closer to getting back to normal. Seriously folks, a few more weeks of this and then we can get back on track (literally). I for one, can NOT freak’n wait!!! We are getting there folks, just hang tight a bit longer.

In BIG rc news, the mighty ARRMA Infraction took all comers, from both bashing and crawling, to be declared the 2020 BigSquidRC March Bashness champion! In the final it was the Infraction against the winner of the crawling bracket, the Axial SCX10 III, but the crawler just didn’t garner the support that the tire destroying Infraction did. Yes, an ON-ROAD car just won March Bashness, who said things couldn’t get any crazier in 2020? Huge props to all of you that voted, and congrats to the ARRMA team for winning yet another big one.

In product news, did you see the 1/6 ROC Hobby Willys MB that we posted on Friday? As I sit writing with a huge grin on my face, that Willys truly blows me away. The scale realism is INSANE, and its price point is well under $300. With the legends of fans that the Willys has, ROC is gonna sell a LOT of those rigs. Oh and btw, is the ROC Willys the first hobby grade car to come stock with a steering wheel that turns with the tires? Wow, just wow! Our hobby has gone from ugly UFO looking buggies, to insane scale realism, and I LOVE IT!

My favorite all time servo is far and away the Hitec 7955. Used by everyone from Adam Drake to yours truly, the 7955 is a great blend of performance and reliability. Last week Hitec announced that they were bringing back the 7955 (as well as the 7950) with a price cut. A huge thanks to the Hitec crew for bringing back all that wonderful performance, with a new price that fits the time we are in.

April 1st is always a big dealio here at Big Squid. We were the first to make up April 1st posts in the rc biz, but the last several years the manufacturers have been coming up with the laughter. BTW, this year I am gonna say that Traxxas won with their “VXL Energy Drink”. An energy drink from Traxxas is highly believable, heck, I was wishing this one was true, so it worked perfectly! Hot on the heals of the Traxxas had to be XRay with their April 1st dust pan set. This one, because of the nature of XRay (uber high-end racing gear), was also highly believable. Also crushing it was RC4WD with their “Tiger King” announcement, which was also spot on for the type of gear they sell. With everyone’s stress levels being higher than normal, it really was cool to see a bunch of April 1st releases to help keep things more lighthearted.

There we are folks. Keep those heads up, we are all gonna be in hardcore “Get America back to the top” mode when this virus clears out, and I could not be more stoked. Until next week my friends, support the hobby any way ya can, and be well…

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