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THE Cub Report – No Sleep Till Denver

So hello there fellow rc enthusiasts, today is Monday, and this is THE Cub Report.

Hey, did you see that Cross RC SU4 scale crawler? I mean, how couldn’t you have seen it? LOL. Wow! You long time readers know how I’ve been preaching “save rc with realism” forever, but I never even dreamt about our vehicles getting to that level of realism! Holy smokes, the doors open, the rear door comes off, the dash lights up, the interior has insane detailing, and you can drive it around like an rc car! Seriously, the realism in rc has come so incredibly far in such a short time, just how much farther can it possibly go?

I for one think it can still go a long ways. I mean that goal, the one of absolute scale perfection in looks, working, and driving aspects of a vehicle, is an incredibly hard one. However, it looks like we are headed that way in many of our industry’s product segments. Expect to see even more realism in upcoming crawlers, as well as on-road cars, monster trucks, and even dedicated backyard bash trucks. Also, and perhaps even more importantly, expect to see a LOT more product licensing from full scale companies (and the corresponding cross-marketing that goes along with that). To boil it down, expect to see a whole lot more rc companies working with the full scale companies, which is pretty freak’n cool!

And talk about bringing people together, I’ve been talking about the Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo for a few weeks now, and it is really coming together! Last week the show promoters announced that they will be hosting an RC Swap Shop. That means that you, yes YOU, can come out to the Denver show, hang out with all the cool industry people, and then attend the Swap Shop where you can buy or sell pre-owned hobby treasures. The tables are on a first come, first serve, basis, so hit up This Link to get a table now.

Immediately after the Rocky Mountain Show, the rc industry road-show heads to fabulous Las Vegas Nevada for SEMA. SEMA is IMO the coolest freak’n show on the planet. Million dollar cars are everywhere, only the best of the best mods are on hand, and well, the booth babes are the best that you will see at any show, EVER. Horizon even put out a PR last week talking about the importance of the show to them, and indeed, the importance of SEMA to rc grows every year. SEMA is best known in rc as the show where manufacturers can approach the full scale aftermarket companies to get licensing agreements, and now more than ever, those are Very important deals that need to get sewn up sooner rather than later. I for one can’t wait to see all the licensing deals that get signed at this year’s SEMA show.

Alright you animals, that’s all I have for this week. Until next Monday, get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can!

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