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THE Cub Report – Officially Official

Hello folks and welcome to THE Cub Report. Once again, there is a LOT going on this week, so I’ll attempt to keep this as brief as possible (never happens.. LOL).

First up… Huge props to the #arrmaarmy for crushing all the competition in BigSquid’s 2018 March Bashness. The ARRMA Kraton is our 2018 Overall March Bashness Champion, and deservedly so, it beat the best bash trucks on the planet, then took out the Axial SCX10 for the overall win. I think the Kraton’s domination can be directly equated to the size, and energy, of their fan base, which is only made stronger by ARRMA’s community of the #arrmaarmy. It shows me that ARRMA is doing it right and has done a fantastic job of helping bring hobbyists together.

Speaking of ARRMA and Axial, they are now Horizon Hobby companies! Ya, it has been a forgone conclusion after the bid was placed that Horizon would indeed end up with Hobbico, but it wasn’t “officially official” until last Friday. I can only imagine how excited the crew is at Horizon to see how far they can take the strengths of both companies, forward, as one.

We have been able to chat with some of the “higher-ups” at Horizon about buying most of Hobbico. Everyone there is incredibly busy right now, as they have nearly doubled in size in the course of just a few weeks. No, there is not a lot of concrete info at the moment as there is just so much for the Horizon people to do right now, but from what we’ve heard, we are seriously stoked, and think you will be too. I know that is highly veiled, so, for example if you are a big fan of ARRMA or Axial, from what little we’ve heard so far, it sounds to me like you’ll be stoked with their futures at Horizon. We will post more info as things become more concrete.

Also, we have inquired about Axialfest, as that event is on a lot of our reader’s minds at the moment. Axialfest is the premier scale off-road event on the planet, and it is quickly approaching (July 18-21). The Horizon guys sound excited about it, and it also sounds like they will be releasing more details in the near future. We will of course post up any and all details as soon as we know more.

Just so much going on right now…

Our Traxxas UDR review was delayed a bit by Mud, Rocks, and, Tears 2018, but should go live later this week. Speaking of #mrt2018, it was incredible, and Tim will post up some event coverage either later today or tomorrow. Quite frankly, our entire staff is completely worn out as the #mrt2018 course was not only demanding on the trucks, but equally so on the drivers. All in all we had a bigger turnout than expected (check the coverage for the final count) and the venue/loop was spectacular.

Is this short enough yet? I had a couple more topics lined up for this week, but they escape me at the moment, therefore, I am going to call this one a wrap. As always, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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