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THE Cub Report – On The Final Stretch

Well howdy there fellow rc enthusiast, thanks for making the click over to BigSquidRC. Man, hasn’t 2020 been one heck of a wild ride? When will all the craziness stop? I for one, love the craziness as I am easily bored, but no doubt, even I have about had my fill of this year already. With that said, lets jump right on in…

So… Brian’s episode of Collectors Call went live Sunday night on MeTV. Brian (the owner here at Big Squid) and his daughter were featured on the show for Brian’s intense Pac-Man collection. Brian has long worked in the gaming industry, and has always had a huge love for Pac-Man, so needless to say, his Pac-Man collection is quite extensive (read- crazy enough to be featured on TV). Props to Brian (and his daughter) for coming across quite natural on the show, and of course the host Lisa Whelchel was looking as hot as ever.

Did you happen to catch the final Supercross race of the season on Sunday? Man, it was good to see Eli Tomac FINALLY take home a premier class 450 title, but boy was it weird seeing it happen in an empty stadium, where the few people that you did see roaming around, were all wearing masks and had large areas of separation. No matter, I’m sure ET3 is stoked to finally get the biggest of all mc off-road titles on his resume, and I’m quite certain his bank account balance is enjoying a nice 7 digit spike. Now for the outdoor nationals, where there will be fans in attendance!!! Can’t wait!

In rc, there are still a lot of big events to be held, but some are still on hold at this point thanks to Covid. Big events like Axialfest Badlands (coming up in July) and the NRHSA tabletop show in Vegas (in October) are both good to go, but many, many others have been on semi-permanent hold. And while most hobby shops have re-opened, there are still some with doors locked because of Covid. Needless to say, the crew here at BigSquid hopes you all are doing as well as you can out there in hobby land, times are definitely not easy for some.

In product news from the last week, I am giving the win to Traxxas after they dropped a pair of classic Chevrolet Blazer bodies. Traxxas announced a 1969 version, as well as one from 1972. Both of the bodies were very nicely scaled from the originals and come with accent pieces to increase the realism even further. I said a long time ago to “watch out” if Traxxas were to ever get into the scale game, and they certainly have not disappointed since dropping rigs like the TRX-4, UDR, etc.

Also big in the news last week was our review of the Axial Racing SCX10 III Jeep JL Wrangler RTR. Jeremy and the Chic-Town crew put the RTR version of the SCX10 III to the test and had a great time with the rig. The RTR Jeep JL comes stock with portal style axles for maximum ground clearance, plus comes with updated electronics. I’ve put in a couple of hours with the RTR Jeep and was quite pleased when comparing it to some of the other RTRs that we had laying around the office. For a RTR crawler, the tires do a decent job, the rig looks on-point, and when the going gets rough, the Jeep handles the ugly stuff in stride. Plus, for lazy people like me that do not want to invest a bunch of time into building a kit, the RTR version is the ONLY way to go.

So there ya go ya bunch of mongrels, that’s it for this week. Until next week, get out and support your hobby any way that ya can.

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