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Well hello there fellow rc enthusiast, my name is Cubby and this is my report. Each week I like to go over “the big stuff” in the rc news, then add my crazy slant on the rc biz. So… while Covid-19 is making a mess of the world, the rc biz just keeps on cranking out the good stuff. So here we go...

First off, a HUGE thanks to all the people working during Covid-19. A special props goes out to all those nurses, doctors, and all the others putting their lives on the line, to save others. Then there are all the other people, from those working a gas station, to those keeping shelves full at the grocery, to the thousands of other jobs being done to keep this world afloat during this pandemic. The entire BSRC crew can not give you enough thanks. Seriously, hats off to you all. Crazy times require crazy tough people, props to ALL you guys out there that are keeping this big old world turning.

In rc news, the folks over at Horizon Hobby announced all new Belted Duratrax tires last week! That was very much a surprise, as the Duratrax name has been a bit in limbo since Hobbico went away a couple of years ago. However, the BSRC Bash Crew was totally stoked to see the new line-up. And, it isn’t just a couple of tires either, there are a bunch of different sizes and styles to pick from. Several old favorites are back, but are now fully belted to help you put every last watt down to terra-firma. My personal fav from back in the day was the Duratrax Six Pack, which is now available fully belted. From on-road, to hardcore off-road, the new belted Duratrax tires are looking good.

Ya know, I have very rarely talked about T-Bone Racing over the years, but last week they dropped some very cool rc jump ramps. The TBR crew is more of a “new age” company and I am glad to see them advancing in the marketplace, even during tough times for the hobby. One of the ways TBR keeps advancing is via diversity. A certain amount of Diversity is absolutely KEY to keep going over the years and TBR is selling products from crawling, to bashing, to pure sending-it. And while their new ramps aren’t exactly cheap, they look like money well spent for durability, as I know we blow through wood ramps left and right.

Also in the news is… Win A Free ARRMA Infraction! That’s right, the ARRMA Infraction is the 2020 March Bashness champion, and as such, one of our lucky readers is gonna get one for FREE! Yes, the Infraction totally blew my mind. The first time I got to drive one was last year at Horizon Fest and it was unlike anything I had ever driven before. Now, a lot of cars come with space/time altering power, but the Infraction actually came with belted kicks, so that you could actually USE all that power. Better still, the stock tires actually smoke while doing burnouts! The Infraction just might be the perfect on-road bash rig, click on the link and get entered!

Alright ya bunch of freaks, that’s it for this week. As always, support our wonderful rc hobby any way ya can…

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