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Here we are, just me and you (and a few thousand other people), welcome to this week’s Cub Report.

First up is our announcement for BigSquidRC “Bash Vehicle of the Year”. It does indeed look like we’ll be posting up the top five this week, or next. Most of the vehicles that will be posted are straight up bashing BEASTS, but there are a couple that are included for their impact on our hobby as a whole. Who made the top five? You will find out soon enough. 🙂

Also… we are just starting work on our first scale event. The event will be held in the greater St Louis Missouri metropolitan area in April. For you companies that want in on it early, get with Brian for more details. Basically, we’ll be putting on a scale event BigSquidRC style, meaning it will be super laid back, with LOADS of freebie gear. And of course, we’ll post full details once we get the date and sponsors locked in.

Furthermore… our BigSquidRC Bash Crew has a pretty cool exclusive (of sorts) coming up. To keep the lawyers from writing nasty emails, I can’t say much, but I would suspect it will go live before the end of the year. This is a (manufacture name redacted) surface product that is going to be a pretty big deal when it drops, so be sure and save up all the X-Mas cash you rake in.

The Nuremberg Toy Fair is just around the corner. Why should you care? Because that is when a lot of companies announce their new spring and summer car line-ups. For years and years we’ve talked about going, but have yet to pull the trigger. Last year the German show was a bit soft, something that is understandable considering the state of the industry, but there was still a lot of new car announcements. I am particularly interested in seeing how many new products get announced this year.

Lastly… our FPV Dromida Monster Truck seems to be making some waves. Yes, it is hard for some people to wrap their heads around new technology, thankfully time stops for no one. So while it is still super early in the FPV game, the Dromida is a perfect way to start, then a good platform to mod on later. The stock camera/video transmitter is a legal low power system, so the video feed on the Dromida doesn’t have a ton of range, but it certainly gives you a full FPV experience at a fantastic price point. As far as competition goes, I have heard of at least one new FPV system that is supposed to be announced at the Toy Fair, you can only expect to keep seeing more from here on out.

OK, so that’s all I have in me for today. Until next week, please support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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