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Here we are, inching ever closer to the half-way point of 2019, and rc is in full swing here in the Northern Hemisphere. Summer is upon us, and where we aren’t completely flooded out (Midwest), people are out bashing, boating, and flying their airplanes. I am Cubby, welcome to THE Cub Report.

This weekend the BigSquidRC Bash Crew is headed to beautiful Monticello, IL for Horizon Hobby’s RC Fest. Come on out and join us for a weekend filled with rc goodness. Recently Tim Gluth did a podcast with HH’s Greg Sopa that goes over many of the aspects of RC Fest. It is a “must” listen if you are joining us this weekend, hit This Link to check out the podcast (after clicking the link, it may not be live quite yet, but soon!).

Oh and, before I forget, I would expect a product announcement or two from RC Fest. Keep your eyes on our front page and social media to see the latest from the show.

From the news last week, I can’t help but talk about the two new Brute bodies from Pro-Line. That Brute series is perfect for the bashing scene and late last week they announced new bodies for the ARRMA Kraton and the Traxxas E-Revo. And while the Brute is perhaps best known when molded from P-L’s Bash Armor material, both the new bodies are molded from clear polycarbonate for all you custom painters out there. Very trick, per the norm from Pro-Line.

Ummmm, and just coming across my desk are the new releases from RC4WD for the week. First off, there is a slew of them, like around a dozen? Secondly, wow, this PR is loaded with crazy cool scale gear. New portals for AR44 axles? Yes, I’ll take some of those. And a new Rascal 1/24th scaler? New scale spare tire trash bags? Where is Tim the news guy at? He needs to get to posting some of these very cool parts! Watch for these in the coming days on our front page.

OK ya bunch of rc freaks, I gotta start putting some buggies back together for RC Fest. Hopefully I’ll see some of you guys there, if not, try to support your local bash spots and hobby shops when ya can!

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