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Hola rc hobbyists from around the globe, you have indeed found THE Cub Report. Here in ‘Merica it is Memorial Day, which is a day that everyone takes off to remember those that gave their lives for our freedom. Right now many places are “re-opening”, which means more local hobby shops are finally getting a chance to crack their door back open, as well as many parks and other places that hobbyists use to drive. If your local hobby shop has re-opened, be sure and stop by and say hello, I am certain they will be super stoked to see some old friendly faces.

What’s going on with Brian Smolik? Brian is the owner here at BigSquidRC and has been having some issues with kidney stones. Currently he is in the hospital (Monday morning) awaiting the knife. I mostly hope Brian pulls through, but if not, I have dibs on his watch collection. Feel free to shoot him a “get well soon” email, text, or FB message.

Who won the new product release war from last week? That would be Pro-Line! Last week was a big drop week for the P-L crew as they formally announced their ’70s Rock Van and Tough Color bodies (well, and a lot more). The ’70s Rock Van was very well received, just like their new Tough Color bodies. A few years ago you may have thought that there wasn’t much new-tech that a company like P-L could bring to the plate, but after belted tires and Tough Armor, Pro-Line is proving that they really care about bashing. A whole lot of companies put out high-end race gear but ignore the masses, P-L crushes it at the IFMAR worlds and still hooks up us Joe Blows with solid new technology that can truly make your backyard bashing life easier/better. Case in point are their new Tough Color bodies which are an easy and affordable way to put a new lid on your rig. Tough Color uses pre-colored polycarbnate which saves you the money, and time, of painting, while also allowing the color to be incredibly durable.

I don’t know if you’ve checked out our “Laying Rubber” no-prep drag column by Doug Welker. Doug is a hardcore hobbyist that started out doing the “Everybody’s Scale’n” column, then wrote about scale monster trucks, and now he is also writing about the no-prep scene that is blowing up right now. In the latest edition of “Laying Rubber” Doug talks about drag tires and shows what it takes to mount a new set of JConcepts Hotties to a Traxxas Bandit VXL. It is a great read for no-prep noobies, and is still fun to take a look at for long time hobbyists. Use This Link to check it out.

So there ya go party people, another Cub Report is in the books. I hope you all have a great Memorial Day, get out and support your hobby any way that ya can.

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