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THE Cub Report – Rainbow Of Positivity

Here we are folks with another beautiful week in the remote control car business. My name is Cubby and I would like to thank you for making the click over to BigSquidRC to check out what’s going in our hobby. Let’s jump right in shall we???

Ya know, I’ve quit talking completely about F1 in recent years. Why? Well… yes, it has become far too mainstream here in the states for my taste, and without Bernie, lets face it, it is not REALLY F1. Otherwise, Merc is still dominant, my beloved Ferrari team is still a mess, and I’ll be back when Bernie is…

Nor… have I talked about sx/mx in quite some time. My schedule has been much different this year than in the past, so I’ve only hit two rounds thus far this year. I have been watching SX on the tube, and while the GOAT is the GOAT while actually ON a bike, I would rather listen to pink noise than him calling the races. Little Deuce Coupe seems a lock for the title going in 23 points up on ET3 this weekend at the SX finals in Vegas. The once unstoppable FMOTP ET3 seems to have completely lost his mind. Marvin the Martian had the speed to win it all this season, but also decided to wad it up nearly every race. HRC’s KRoc is crushing the whoops, but seems to have backed it down for the nationals at this point. Not being a Little Deuce Coupe fan, I am just waiting for the outdoors to start where Ozzy, El Hombre, the Chupacabra, Bogle, and others, can start fresh and go for the championship.

Oh ya, I guess this is an RC website, LOL, so how about some rc…

Have you seen the scale interior that Pro-Line announced last week? Have I EVER talked about a scale interior in THE Cub Report before? LOL. Times sure have changed, but man are they awesome! I know the title this week is “Rainbow of Positivity”, but seriously, I do not see how anyone could not be stoked at the products being released in our hobby right now. That P-L interior is affordable, easy to install, and will do wonders for the scale realism of your rock crawler. Amazing work from the P-L crew, and I feel like they are just getting warmed up with what they can do scale wise.

Also announced last week was a new Cafe Racer motorcycle from X-Rider. Nope, rc motorcycles aren’t a large genre, but man are they cool! X-Rider showed off the Cafe Racer at the Asian show a week ago and props to them on designing something really trick! Their new mc has a very trendy look and should be quite fast when driven (yes, I know you “ride” a motorcycle, but you have to drive the rc version). At the Asian hobby show the X-Rider crew also showed off an INSANELY detailed rider figure for the bike, which was arguably more impressive than the bike itself. Wow, just WOW, at the realism some of these companies are pulling off now days.

Also in the news last week was a licensed 1/8 scale Mercedes G-Wagon from Traction Hobby. Traction Hobby has really been gaining some ground the last two years and their 1/8 crawlers look right on point. It couldn’t have been cheap to license from Mercedes, which shows they are willing to crack open the checkbook to put out a proper product. Right now the folks at Traction don’t have much competition in the large scale crawling field, but expect that to change this fall…

OK ya bunch of lunatics, I’m gonna get back on working on the new ARRMA 4S Kraton review, I truly wish a great week for all you guys. Until next week, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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