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Here we are folks, another week in the rc hobby. Wow, the last year or two have been wild haven’t they? The good news is that things seem to be settling down, still, it may be another year or two before we see how everything shakes out. Any which way, welcome to THE Cub Report, and as always, thanks for reading Big Squid.

So, arguably the biggest news from last week was the announcement that RC4WD had signed Toyota up as a licensing partner. OK, so just a few years ago nobody would ever remotely care about such a thing, but now days, it is a big dealio. For those of you into the scale scene, you know that Toyota makes a bunch of iconic off-road products, and being able to license and produce them on a scale level, well, can result in a whole bunch of sales. Years ago, absolutely nobody gave a dern about scale realism, now it is of the utmost importance.

Also on the scale note, the Pro-Line crew announced new shocks designed just for the scaling/crawling crowd. The Pro-Spec scaler shocks are very trick looking (like everything P-L eh?) and were designed for an extremely smooth, and stiction free, stroke. The PR says they are using a single x-ring seal which should indeed make them buttery smooth, can’t wait to take a set out on a trail run.

Last week Traxxas posted perhaps their best ever video that was titled “World’s Biggest RC MegaRamp Stunt Session”. Wow, seriously wow. For all you up and coming YouTubers, the Traxxas video is what you are shooting for. It has enormous air. It is extremely well shot and edited. It has good music, it isn’t too long, and it has a kicker in the form of an extreme bike and scooter rider going big with the trucks. Seriously impressive, not just for long time hobbyists, but it has to be amazing to watch for a noobie as well. And IMO, it is video that can show people that aren’t into the “rc scene” just how cool it can be.

How about that little Associated MT28? What truck is that you may ask? Ya, AE announced the 1/28th scaled MT28 not long ago and our post on it has spent several days on our “popular” list. What is so special about the MT28 that is getting it so many views? I have no idea, but I do know that Thunder Tiger/AE has been really quiet lately. I think everyone is keenly aware of the slowdown in our industry, so it makes sense that they’ve cut back on new releases, but hopefully we start seeing a few more from their direction.

This Cub Report hasn’t been hardcore, but then not many of them are. LOL. I have attached a pic to the bottom of this week’s Cub Report that was sent in by one of our readers. The pic shows a big Spektrum sticker on a Toyota Rav4. I am “encouraging” people to put rc stickers on their full sized rides as a way to help remind the public that rc is still here, and still loads of fun. So until next week, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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