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THE Cub Report – RC Des Nations 2020

That’s right folks, RC Des Nations is what I am laying out for you guys this week. Some people (motocross riders) will know exactly what I am talking about already. For those that do not, well, keep on scrolling down...

I guess I should probably start off with what Motocross Des Nations is. Every year, lets say around 20’ish countries send their top 3 riders to Des Nations. Each rider races a different class, so back in the day a guy like Johnny O’Mara could go out on his Mugen 125 and take down that year’s world 500 champion. The racing is super interesting because it it not only nation versus nation, but also different classes versus each other.

Of course nothing like that exists here in the rc world. In rc, racing has basically remained exactly the same since the 1980s. They keep plowing away at the same racing year after year, giving consumers no new excitement or anything unique to look forward to. An rc version of Des Nations would absolutely bring an all new aspect of excitement to the racing scene, from local weekend stadium truck race guy, so the future consumer who is just now starting to research the hobby of rc on FB groups and various websites.

If rc were to do something similar, here is what I feel would have to happen-

* The Des Nations venue changes from year to year. Last year we got our butts kicked here at Red Bud, but a venue would need to be secured on the yearly. Our high-end racers are jet-setting around the globe from Australia, to Asia, to Europe, on a weekly basis, maybe they should be doing so for an event that consumers might actually enjoy following.

* The use of different classes is super important at Des Nations- can you imagine seeing something like 1/10 2wd buggy vs 2wd ST vs 4wd buggy at an RC Des Nations? Yes of course the 4wd drivers will have a massive advantage, but that is in the spirit of the event. There would be some 2wd buggy or ST guy put on the drive of their life and beat a number of big names with their 4wds. The unexpected is part of what makes Des Nations such an epic event.

* Once a venue is secured and the classes are nailed down, then it comes down to finding the racers. In motocross, each nation has a team manager that works with others in the industry to pick their top three riders from that year. For example- a team from America might look like- Spencer Rivkin racing 2wd buggy, Ryan Cavalieri doing duties on Stadium Truck, and Maifield running the 4wd buggy class for us. Each year the Team Manage would look at results and take 3 guys that have been crushing it that year.

* What about the actual races? Those are pretty awesome too, each class gets to race heads up against the two others. For example, RC Des Nations should have just 3 final races. The first race would be something like the drivers in 2wd ST taking on the premier 4wd buggy class. The second race would be 2wd ST vs 2wd buggy, with the final race pitting 2wd vs the premier 4wd buggy drivers. That might sound boring, or even quite stupid here in words, but I can assure you it is the best thing since Pro-Line Secure-Loc body mounts to watch over in motocross.

After that, you have one hell of a race, and something ALL NEW to market to the masses on social media and various rc website! It has been a long time since the rc racing world has done anything new, RC Des Nations would be something for elite racers to get cranked up for, but more so, it would create an insane amount of excitement in the social media world.

Or, racing can just keep-on keeping-on, where the poor sales numbers from last year will look good compared this years………………………

With that said, I am headed outside to get in some product testing. Until next week, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can!

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