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THE Cub Report – RC Fest And Why You Need To Be There

Hey folks, thanks for clicking over to BigSquidRC, it is Monday and this is THE Cub Report. I am in a bullet point mood today, so hang on, here we go on some discussion for Horizon Hobby’s RC Fest.

* RC Fest is under a month away, and during all my years in the rc biz, I have never seen anything like it. We covered Horizon’s “Drones on the Horizon” event a couple of years ago in Florida and it was sort of the precursor for RC Fest. Last year it was held under the RC Fest name in Champaign where it had much the same feel as “Drones Under The Horizon”. However, this year is completely another ball of wax.

* Most, ok, all, rc expos and shows simply don’t allow YOU to grab all your gear and come out and play. RC Fest is different, this year You Can!!! You can grab all that awesome rc gear of yours and seriously bash all weekend! Or race all weekend, or crawl all weekend, or all three! Just how awesome is that?

* Better still for some people is the fact that there is rv and tent camping! You can load up the kids and wife for an incredibly cool rc camping trip! Seriously, can it get any better than that? (Actually, I have not gotten to the fireworks or food yet. 🙂 ) Oh, if you want to camp, you need to inquire about that ASAP to make sure you get a spot.

* There are going to be a LOT of people at RC Fest this year, and as you probably already know, the best part of our hobby is the people. You’ll be able to meet the guy that designed your Spektrum transmitter, or hang out with Brian Parker from the Recon G6 series. Also, you’ll be able to hang out with the BigSquidRC Bash Crew, as well as the guys from Pro-Line, Tamiya, Losi, etc, etc, etc. Maybe you’ve never seen an rc car race in person before, well you can do that at RC Fest, plus a bunchhhh of other things. While the turnout last year was simply solid, this year there are seriously going to be thousands upon thousands of hobbyists making the trip in to Champaign. More people typically equals more fun at these types of events.

* BigSquidRC will be there helping in the Basher’s Boulevard area. We will have a spot for open bashing all three days, plus we’ll be there to help with competitions like tug-of-war, sumo wrestling, and long jump. We will have some ramps set-up for general bashing, so absolutely, come on out and get your extreme bashing on!

* The Pro-Line crew will be at RC Fest and will be putting on some really cool events. P-L is planning a giant parade of lights at night, plus they will have some really cool scale monster trucking going on. Pro-Line is first class all the way, I can’t wait to see all the trick goodies that they will be bringing with them to RC Fest.

* Brian Parker from the Recon G6 will be there and will be putting on some awesome scale crawling action. This will give you a chance to meet him in person, something that I promise you will not soon forget. He may be just a man, but he brings a whole lot of excitement to the scale crawling scene.

* TLR will be holding one of their cup races at RC Fest. There will be plenty of the Midwest’s fastest drivers in attendance to show you exactly what rc racing is like, and while I have not heard for certain, I would expect at least one of the higher end TLR guys to be there to show off what world championship level speed looks like in person.

* Then there are a zillion other things lined up. RC Fest is hosted at Horizon’s flying field, so there will be loads of airplane, helicopter, and drone action over the weekend as well. I don’t know how many acres the flying field is, but it is very large with plenty of room for bashing, chilling out, parking, etc. The flying field is incredibly nice, or at least the best that I have ever been to.

* Fireworks!!! Incredible food!!! Those are the two REAL reasons that I am going. Last year the fireworks were awesome, but the food, OMG, seriously, the BBQ was absolutely top notch. OK, so I have zero clue what food will be at RC Fest this year, but if it is half as good as last year, it would still be worth the drive.

* Juan Pablo Montoya!!! The Dodge Raminator!!! No, I don’t know if Juan will be there, but he has been at a bunch of Horizon events, so ya just never know. However, the Dodge Raminator will be on hand all three days.

This Cub Report is all about RC Fest because it is unique, and it should be totally off the hook! If you were to walk up to me, give me unlimited cash, and tell me to put on the ultimate rc event, mine probably wouldn’t be much different than RC Fest. Horizon is going wayyy above and beyond on this one, we hope you come out to enjoy all the festivities with us and thousands of other hobbyists just like you.

Use This Link to get all the dates, times, and the location so you can start planning your roadtrip now. Also, drop by your LHS and local bash spots when ya can, and support your sport by putting an rc sticker on your full scale rig.

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