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THE Cub Report – Right Down The Line…

Hello fellow rc fanatics, welcome to BigSquidRC. THE Cub Report is a weekly column that talks about new rc products, as well as industry happenings, new trends, plus a few rants here and there. Shall we dive right on in???

Can you EVEN BELIEVE that Big Squid turns 15 years old this year? Holy freaking cow does time fly when you are having fun! And that number of 15, wowza, it almost makes us feel legit. Coming out of nowhere from the suburbs of Chicago, we’ve always tried to bring something entertaining to the table. Times sure have changed in the industry since we started, but as I like to say, the only constant, is change. As you read this right now, our entire staff would like to say a HUGE Thank You for visiting our website.

OK, so to get to some actual rc news, the ARRMA countdown timer keeps on clicking off the days. I would expect the media blitz on this one to start ramping up real soon, as it already has on the industry/media side of things. So ya, this will be a huge one for ARRMA and for Horizon Hobby, more on this one real soon.

So… HPI Racing announced a version 2 of their Jumpshot RTRs last week. For all you noobs to the hobby, HPI used to be a big deal, like a huge deal. They’ve mostly been silent the last couple of years, and the industry is worse for it. HPI had so many hits (Baja 5B, Micro RS-4, Savage, etc), and many of them were quite unique (as well as very cool!!!). We really miss HPI, but know life in the rc biz can be hard now days. To boil it down, I was stoked to see any sort of news out of HPI, hope to see more in the near future.

Lastly for this week, I seriously dig the latest video from Traxxas for their TRX-4 Blazer. I am sooooo tired of the same old videos, nice to see something different that was done in the proper context. Ya, I know, coming up with all new video content is impossible at this point, nearly everything has been done. Still, nice to see Traxxas bringing some retro style to the game with their latest vid.

And that’s a wrap for this week folks. As always, support your local hobby shops and bash spots whenever ya can.

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