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THE Cub Report – Runnin’ Down A Dream

Yup, here we are folks, yet another incredibly busy week in the hobby. Thanks for joining us here at BigSquidRC. Here we go…

First up, how about that Revo 2? Ya, since our review we’ve been getting a lot of email about it, but ya, it is legit. Seriously, I hate to say it is the toughest truck we’ve ever reviewed, but I just can’t think of another truck that took more abuse without breaking. Over the weekend we continued our quest to break it in half. No, it really didn’t end well. We hung out a bit with our buddies at the STL RC Freaks and had them help us turn the truck into a pile of rubble, but all we managed to do was break one of the bolts that secures the motor to the motor plate. SIGH. LOL. Oh and, we were NOT messing around this weekend. We were shooting video for the Revo 2 while also working on the trail for our upcoming scale event. The venue had a GIANT rock cliff, and well, how could we resist that? We don’t know how tall the cliff was, but I would put it in the 40 foot range, and we sent the Revo 2 off of it. And no, it didn’t break ANYTHING. Double sigh… But seriously, I see the Revo 2 as the gnarliest, toughest, and most tech laden monster truck that has ever hit the market. No, we haven’t had the truck long enough to see how it holds up long term, but it just might be the first truck to hit the market that you actually have to wear out to have a reason to wrench on.

Oh ya, speaking of our April 7th Mud, Rocks, and Tears Scale Showdown event, we are coming along well with it. While the event is being held at a really cool cave venue, I want to make sure all you guys attending the event know that while some of the trail loop will go through the cave, most of the loop is outdoors. So yes, you will need lights on your rig, but no, you won’t be using them for more than a half hour or so. The venue is not a natural cave, it is man made. Therefore the floor of the cave is not a bunch of jagged rock, but instead fairly level sand. Yes, the cave is still crazy fun to drive around in (massive understatement), but it isn’t challenging like a normal rock section.

Also, at Mud, Rocks, and Tears, we will be giving away two different collectible pins. The first pin is for all participants that can complete the entire scale loop. The second is the much harder to attain HOG pin. To get the HOG pin, you’ll need to complete the entire scale loop, without once ever touching your rig. Up for a challenge? See you April 7th. By the way, we are getting a LOT of emails about this one, so ya, you are gonna have plenty of other guys to run with. We are just now nailing down some of the details, I will post more about the event in the coming weeks.

Oh and hey, our very first podcast with Tim Gluth should go live this week. It was taped last week and I got a chance to listen to it over the weekend, and it turned out better than I ever expected. Gluth is super professional and always on-point with his questions, while Derek Wagner from Horizon had loads of cool inside info on various projects. At 52 minutes long, it isn’t too short, or too long, it’s a great listen, look for it on the front page at some point this week.

It looks like Patrick Del Castillo will be the second person on the podcast. All you high power brushless freaks know who Patrick is, for those of you that don’t, he is the guy that started Castle Creations and is their current CEO. Patrick has a ton of cool stories, plus he is as hardcore as it gets for brushless motors and speedos. I personally can’t wait for that one, but it is still a ways off from being recorded. When will it go live? My guess is either later this month, or at some point in April.

I know I’ve brought up Horizon Hobby’s RC Fest a couple times lately, but the news keeps rolling in. RC Fest is scheduled for the first part of June and it is reallyyyy starting to blow up. A three day even this year, it sounds like all you crazy racer, crawler, and bash guys may be able to bring your gear with ya and have a weekend of fun with other people just like you. Here are a few things that sound like they are now on the table for Horizon’s RC Fest-

* Brian Parker from the Recon G6 scale series will be on hand, but even better, sounds like he will be building the crawling track! If you have never met Brian, he is a bit intense, but super cool guy. Can’t wait to see what he works up for RC Fest.

* The crew at Pro-Line will be hosting “Pro-Line Alley” with Vegas style scale monster truck racing. And if I know the P-L guys, they will have a lot of trick gear on hand.

* Sounds like Pitbull tires will be holding a region crawling event at RC Fest. Very cool!

* BigSquidRC will be in the house all three days. We are working on a legit bashing area, with perhaps a few different events over the weekend. Things are still on the tentative side (we do have a bit under 3 months left, LOL), but we hope to have a really cool area for you basher guys to come out and have a total blast catching some air and getting in some bash time.

* There is like a lot more, so when things get 100% locked in, we will post. Otherwise, why not start planning a road trip with your rc bros?

So there is is folks, that’s all I have for this week (read- blatant lie, just tired of typing), have a funtastic week and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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