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THE Cub Report – Running On Empty

Hello there rc world, it’s another week in our wonderful hobby, thanks for joining us. Last week held a few surprises on the release front, lets dive right in...

The “biggest” news from last week was Axial Racing dropping a new 24th scaler. For some of the old school Axial faithful, well, they were hoping for something bigger, or well, pretty much anything else. What the world got was a new micro sized Axial that should be great for crawling in smaller areas, or indoors during the winter months. The smallest Axial has an affordable price point, thus making it easy to buy for nearly any price point, and should be awesome fun when crawling with a friend or family member. Personally, I have a man-cave rock course just waiting for one, or two, or a dozen, but ya, even I can’t wait for Axial to drop “the big one”.

What’s next for Axial? Portals? An insanely detailed 1/8th scaler? A next level 10th scaler with absolutely incredibly detailing, doors that open, etc? We honestly have no idea, but the Axial faithful are hardcore and have their checkbooks ready. If I had to take a wild guess at it, I would keep my eyes out for something big this fall…

Also on the scale front, Team Associated has jumped into the scale crawling game, and that fact worries me. You see, about the time AE decides to jump into anything, that means it is over. It took decades to get into the quite obvious 4wd 10th scale buggy scene, and even longer for 1/8 nitro buggy. Now that they are throwing a hat into the rock crawling scene, I am now honestly worried that scale crawling is over. The numbers say otherwise, but with AE jumping in, that can’t be a good sign for the genre…

Normally I don’t say a whole lot about accessories or upgrades, but RC4WD was not playing around last week. If AE wants to see what crushing the scale world is ACTUALLY about now days, they should have a look at RC4WD. Instead of putting out some plastic RTR, RC4WD is crushing it with trucks and accessories that make others look silly. And they Just Keep Putting Out The AWESOMENESS. For example, just last week they put out a new camel bumper for the TRX-4, as well as a crazy new roll bar for their Desert Runner Hero. Both are made from real metal, and both are little works of scale off-road art. Their parts aren’t cheap, but then, nothing really awesome ever is…

So there ya have it for this week ya bunch of lunatics. Get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can!

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