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THE Cub Report – Scale Invasion

Hello there fellow rc fanatics, welcome to another wonderful week in the rc biz. Covid is still the major talking point among industry insiders, but finally some parts of the world are returning to “normal”. For those of you still in the grips, we pray for you, for those that are in areas that have been “reopened”, be well out there!

So… who “won” last week with the coolest new product? Wowza, am I really going to type Team Associated here? Yup, I am! In years past AE was keen to remain in the back seat, but for 2020, they are not playing around. Yesterday AE dropped their new IFS scale rig under their Enduro banner and it might very well be a sign of things to come. Marketed under the banner of “modern scale realism”, the Enduro Trailrunner RTR comes stock with IFS suspension, something that no other brand has. Is AE a leader again? I don’t know if I would go that far, but they are coming hard at all their competition this year, which of course, is very cool to see. Now, the “hardcore” scale crawler guys are all about solid axles, but they should expect to see much more of this “modern scale realism” trend, as it is bound to become even more common. Oh and, as if their IFS rig wasn’t enough, AE also dropped a new color for their DR10 RTR drag car. Nobody else makes a RTR no-prep car like AE, more proof that they are no longer complacent and are really pushing to regain the superiority they once had.

Second up is a product that still hasn’t been officially announced, the upcoming Pro-Line ’70s Rock Van clear body. You may or may not know, but P-L sends out a pre-release list to dealers, distributors, and media types before they drop new products on consumers. Normally, I take a look at the list, go wow a couple times, and move on. A few weeks ago when that list had “’70s Rock Van Clear Body” on it, at first I think my eyes were kidding me, so I had to text our resident scale guy Jeremy. A ’70s Rock Van body designed to fit the typical wheelbase of a rock crawler? Pro-Line fully sent this one, meaning, they did what they normally do- they came up with a really cool idea, then executed it like only the P-L crew can. Can I get a big round of applause for P-L putting out a new body that is way, way, wayyyyy outside the box? Props P-L, it isn’t easy being the “coolest” brand in rc, but every month they keep on busting out the goodies.

On a different note…

2020 was actually scheduled to have two Axialfests, but because of that lil’ Covid-19 virus, changes had to be made. For now, it looks like Horizon is planning on holding just the one Axialfest this year and it will be held in Indiana at the Badlands off-road park on July 16-18. Axialfest is the premier scale off-road event held in America, and with people being indoors so much this spring, a LOT of people are gonna want to get out this summer. Get out and support your hobby by going to Axialfest, use This Link to get all the important info.

Also in scheduling news, Horizon Hobby’s RC Fest has been re-scheduled. Normally held in the middle of the summer, the 2020 RC Fest has been moved back to October 2-3. RC Fest is held in central Illinois and also should be quite large this year because of Covid. Mark your calendars now, and right now is the perfect time to start a new ultra-build to show off at the event.

So there ya go ya bunch of rc maniacs, that’s it for this week. Until next week, support your hobby any way that ya can.

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