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THE Cub Report – Showing Up For Work Late

Hey, happy Tuesday you guys! It is pretty rare for me to be writing on a Tues, but my travel schedule got derailed over the weekend, so here I finally am.

First up, Horizon Hobby Europe had a Huge Event last weekend that our own German reporter Tommy Chong Wielgomas attended. Tommy hosted our official BigSquidRC booth and put on a number of demonstrations for all the event attendees. We’ve posted a bit of this event over on our FB page, expect to see even more coverage on our dot com in the coming days.

How about that new ARRMA Notorious stunt truck? Sure, it is mostly an Outcast, but its new patented “Real Steel” body is REALLY trick. The “Real Steel” actually makes the body look better/more realistic as it gets scratched up! Can’t wait to slide one across pavement at 60 mph to see how cool it looks in person.

This isn’t really rc, but I keep forgetting to mention the Stadium Super Truck series. I’ve got it set to record on my DVR and I gotta say, that racing is absolutely INSANE! Seriously, you gotta catch some of the 2018 races which featured a lot of pavement and big air, but even better, tons of incredibly intense door-to-door racing.

Back to rc.

Ya, so the Tamiya/Supreme collaboration was the HUGE news from last week. Supreme has made their name on high-end collabs, working with Tamiya is straight up awesomeness for rc in general. We are busy greasing palms to try and get our hands on one, we’ll see!

We have not been seeing a whole lot of new boat releases lately, but last week Pro Boat announced the 22″ Riverine Patrol Boat. The Riverine uses a twin jet propulsion system to give it serious power, while also allowing it to operate in extremely shallow water. Oh and, the realism on that boat is pretty freak’n cool.

Getting a TON of clicks on BigSquid last week was the Top Fuel Dragster Conversion Kit from the RC Racing Innovations crew. Everybody has a Traxxas Rustler, or Bandit, or Slash laying around in their garage. The conversion kit makes it easy to put a Huge stretch on your 2wd Traxxas, thus giving your truck more stability for high speed running. And while a lot of people run their cars on dirt, a huge percent of rc cars only see pavement, where drag races are inevitable if more than one person is around. I can’t wait to see some videos of these conversions in action.

So there ya have it for this week ya bunch of lunatics. Hit up your LHS and/or local bash spot when ya can!

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