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THE Cub Report – So You Wanna Be A Hooligan

Well howdy there all you rc fanatics, I hope you had unseasonably warm temps over the weekend to get your bash on. Locally we’ve been truly blessed with insanely warm weather, perfect for allowing us to gather up our Bash Crew to flog our personal trucks.

First up this week is a mention about our upcoming “March Bashness” contest. Oh yes, you long term readers know all about some of the epic battles that have been waged in years past, and chances are many of you have stayed up late voting or awaiting the results. If you are a first day noob, March Bashness is where we do a basketball style tournament where our readers vote on the winners. We start out with 32 (or maybe 16, I am getting old) bash trucks, we create a bracket, then the voting begins. At the very end, all of you guys determine the winner, and typically one of our lucky readers takes home a brand new truck for good measure. We’ll be doing a post in the next day or two asking for you to submit which trucks you want to see in the brackets, so keep your eyes open and be sure to let us know what trucks you want to make the cut. March Bashness is a great way to show how big a fanboy you are, plus the manufacturers love watching who wins too.

Second up… isn’t it about time we held another bash? Heck yes it is! We have gotten with Leisure Hours Raceways and are shooting for an early May bash. We’ll be holding some of our normal bash events, plus we’ll have plenty of swag, like usual. So ya, keep your eyes open on a post with full details in the coming weeks and you can start getting your bash rigs ready now.

Thirdly… our Basher Approved award is also quite a big deal in the industry. We rarely give a product Basher Approved status, but we have hand picked a couple of outstanding products that will soon gain that award. Once again, keep an eye on our main page to find out which products have earned our stamp of approval as Basher Approved in the coming weeks.

Last up… we would like to give all you guys a huge props for being our readers. Day in, day out, we are still amazed that BigSquidRC has taken off like it has and that is all thanks to you guys. What started as a little website that catered to backyard bash has turned out bigger than we could have ever imagined. You long term readers have been around through some crazy times and we thank you, for all you noobies, we hope you enjoy the ride in the coming years.

So there ya have it, another Cub Report is in the books. Like I have said for years now, please get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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