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THE Cub Report – Special Mojave Edition

Here we are fellow rc fanatics, yet another wonderful week in the hobby. 2019 has been one wild year in the rc biz, and it seems to just keep getting wilder. Shall we jump right in???

Literally the “biggest” new product announcement from last week came from ARRMA. The ARRMA ARRMY has long been clamoring for a large scaler, now they have one on the way! Over the weekend the Horizon Hobby crew “leaked/announced” the 1/7 6S ARRMA Mojave short course truck. And while the announcement may have been quite odd, the truck itself is not. BTW, it seems pretty much impossible to tell what I can or can’t say anymore, so as this may be the only time I will be able to talk about the Mojave to the public, here is my take on it. Loads of power, the pre-pro unit we drove traction rolled a bit more than expected, but that should be solvable through some adjustments. While it looks good for a bash rig, it doesn’t have much in the way of scale detailing. Now, a typical ARRMA consumer probably doesn’t give two hoots about a bunch of licensed gear on their truck, but a considerable amount of other consumers do. Oh and, it is closer to UDR size than SBR. IMO, if all you do is send-it, the Mojave is your truck. If you want to bash hard, while also getting insane scale realism, then cut the check on a UDR.

In other news, ARRMA also dropped three new rigs at a $219 price point last week. It is good to see new ARRMA rigs at entry level price points, a large percent of people tend to stick with whatever brand they first buy, so it is always good to have someone’s first car (or motorcycle, or bicycle, etc) be your brand. The new Mega brushed Typhon, Granite, and Senton are all super affordable, they should be easy to work on with their modular design, and all three should be solid backyard bashers. ARRMA should sell a zillion of those this fall, can’t wait to start seeing them at my local parks.

Also… we are lucky to have Doug Welker on staff. Doug is super into the scale monster truck scene, which makes for a great review on new monster trucks. CEN Racing has dropped a number of new trucks lately that are clearly the best that CEN has ever released. Doug spent several weeks putting the new CEN monster trucks through their paces, you can use This Link to check out his full review. I bring this up because not only are the CEN trucks worth your attention, but I also want you guys to know when you read that review, that it was done by one of the premier people in that genre. Here at BSRC, you aren’t getting a review from some Joe Blow that got into rc cars a couple years ago and now posts reviews like he really knows what he is talking about. Doug’s review on the CEN trucks is no joke, we are very lucky to have someone with his immense monster truck knowledge on staff.

So there ya have it ya bunch of hobby freaks. As always, support your local hobby shops and bash spots whenever ya can.

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