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What in the world, is this actually Tuesday? Yup, it is Tuesday and here is YOUR day late Cub Report.

So…. what happened Monday? Well, the BigSquidRC Corporate World Headquarters were overrun with a tv crew from (redacted). A few weeks ago I had mentioned how BSRC’s owner Brian Smolik was going to be featured on a reality tv show. Yesterday the film crew, overran the BSRC offices to get all the footage needed for an upcoming episode! While the episode filmed will not be about the remote control hobby (it is about the video game industry), it will have plenty of Brian and his BigSquidRC charm as well as the Giant Squid logo! From talking to the crew it sounds like the episode will air sometime around December, I will of course update you when we know the exact air date.

So while Brian has been living the life of a Hollywood baller, the rest of the rc industry has been grinding it out this summer. Sales typically slow down during the summer months, with a big uptick on the way for the holiday buying season. As it is now August, we are getting ready to enter the time period when the big names start dropping their holiday releases. And while we don’t expect as many new releases this year as last, there are a number of big hitters lined up for release this fall. Hang in there, we are getting close (and you might want to start saving up, there is some cool stuff coming!).

In last week’s rc news…

The crew over at MaxAmps dropped some serious power for all you new ARRMA Infraction and Limitless owners. Auggie and his crew are not messing around, their LiPo battery set for the mighty ARRMAs packs a whopping 12,000mAh of capacity (!!!) which should have no problem providing all the juice needed for even the thirstiest of power systems.

Also making our “most popular” list of posts from last week is the KR4 Demon from Cross RC. Cross has come a very long ways in the last 24 months, their new KR4 Demon isn’t designed to be their flagship model, but it certainly comes with some serious scale crawling attitude. The KR4 will join a solid handful of other trucks in their scale line-up, expect for it to start shipping this fall.

OK ya bunch of raving lunatics, as always, get out and support you local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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This one is for you Renee. She was such a beautiful, smiling, wonderful, human being. God bless you sweetheart, you were taken far too soon from this planet…

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