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THE Cub Report- The Impression That I Get

Well hello there, whether this is your first time reading BigSquidRC or the 1 millionth, I am glad you have decided to spend a few minutes with us. I woke up in perhaps the worst mood in decades, what better way to get my mind off things than to talk some rc?

It’s a been a while since I’ve talked about FPV and 3D printing. Both are staged to make enormous changes to our hobby (haven’t we have enough for a while??? LOL) but because of their nature, it has been hard for the surface market to get started with them. After hounding all the makers and shakers, this is what I am hearing/seeing from the guys wearing the expensive suits.

So about FPV, it seems everyone wants in, but they are being ultra-cautious doing so. The Kyosho crew got off to the earliest start, then Dromida came in with a truck that was even more first-timer friendly. Two FPV trucks were rumored to drop in Q1, which obviously they did not. I have not heard if that was a funding or a tech issue, nor have I heard if they are still scheduled to be released. However, what I have been hearing is that the manufacturers are generally going to go with FPV in the scale/crawling segment off the start. Because of the nature of FPV, high speeds really aren’t needed, but rock crawling with FPV presents other challenges (like people trying to walk along with their truck while driving via FPV, which is dangerous). All rumors of FPV trucks being released have dried up on some fronts, but gotten much bigger with others. FPV RTR trucks are coming, and I just can’t see at least one or two not being announced soon, although the companies may be holding off to make the X-Mas of 2018 their first BIG FPV push. If that is the case, expect them to be announced after July.

Even harder still for the industry to come up with a good solution for, is 3D printing, but that too is making some headway. From what I’ve been hearing, there are a couple of our big rc companies working on strategies to finally cash in on this future tech. While there are a few different viable strategies, it would not surprise me to start seeing downloads available from a number of “big names” before the end of 2018. You may see different part downloads ranging from full arm sets, to shock tower sets, to various new upgrades for your specific model, to entire truck plastic part downloads. Pricing is still a big issue, as is file security, but with more and more houses getting into the 3D printing scene, there is some serious bank to be made once the details get ironed out.

On a different note , send us your upcoming events! We are trying to get an accurate calendar of upcoming events going so that everyone can make one easy click and check out all the cool stuff that they can do in the coming weeks. We don’t care if it’s a bash, a race, a crawling event, or an industry function, email us your events! You can shoot them to us at the “contact us” link at the bottom of our page, or just get with us on the official BigSquidRC Facebook Page.

There ya go ya maniacs, another Cub Report is in the books. That’s about it for this week, I am not even gonna tease about us kicking around the idea of an entirely new BSRC scale website… See ya next week, get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can! Don’t forget to sticker up your full scale rig with an rc sticker too!

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