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THE Cub Report – The RC Week In Review

Here we are folks, another week in rc, is now in the books. As we finish up Q1, here are some of the biggest news and tidbits from last week.

But first, I just gotta speak out about the AMA Supercross season. If you haven’t been watching, 2020 has been one of the closest seasons ever, with the front runners being ET3, K-Roc, Webb, and, I am not even kidding here, Bam Bam Barcia! If you haven’t been watching, feel free to set your DVR, check out the TV listings for the rest of the season over on RacerXOnline.

Late last week the crew at Pro-Line dropped a slew of new releases. Leading the pack was a new Jeep JL body for scale crawlers and a vintage styled body for the Traxxas UDR. On top of that, they had some new pre-mounts and removable hub SCT wheels. And for more icing on the cake, they debuted not one, but a pair of new bodies for the 8S version of the ARRMA Kraton. Once again the P-L crew crushed it.

Wasn’t Traxxas’ Leap Day Challenge a great idea? Leap Day only comes around once every four years, it was cool to see that the Traxxas marketing department came up with such a great idea involving social media. It also looked like their marketing team put an emphasis on “jump responsibly”, which has become more and more of a topic in the industry. With our machines getting ever more extreme, people really need to pay attention when and where they jump (and make speed runs, etc). Bash hard, but please bash smart out there ya lunatics before we lose access to even more public land.

Boy, aren’t the folks over at Tamiya keeping busy? They are always dropping a bunch of new vehicles/gear every month. When other companies have all but stopped putting out new cars, Tamiya seems to be clicking it up another couple of gears. Last week we posted several interesting new releases from Tamiya ranging from a Karmann Gia to a Toyota Gazoo Racing Le Mans car. Since Nuremburg they’ve introduced probably close to a dozen new vehicles, with some of them being real stunners, like their upcoming Vovo FH16 Globetrotter 750 tow truck. Props to Tamiya for all the new goodies to lust over.

And finally, a bit of self promotion. Last week we posted a Kyosho Mini-Z 4×4 Toyota 4Runner First Bash/Crawl video on the official BigSquidRC YouTube Channel. Small scale crawlers are on the verge of breaking out, take a look at the video to see how realistic the Kyosho looks when driven by our scale guy Jeremy. Oh and, speaking of Jeremy, in his weekly Everybody’s Scalin’ column he posted a Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2020 preview (the video can also be found on our YouTube channel). Jeremy has been doing a great job of kicking out really entertaining original content (along with Brian for unboxings), so be sure and have a look.

So here we are, the end of yet another perfectly bland Cub Report. Until next week, get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots whenever ya can.

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