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THE Cub Report – This Week In RC

Hello there rc people, welcome to a brand spank’n new week in the lovely hobby of rc. I am Cubby, and this is my report…

So how about Nuremburg? Like most (read- all) of the other rc trade shows, the Toy Fair wasn’t nearly as busy as it was just a scant few years ago. And while companies like Tamiya, Traxxas, and a few others went big in Germany, there were a whole lot of missing companies and not nearly as many new product announcements as in recent years.

On the Traxxas side of things from Nuremburg, they were showing off some new scale gear. I don’t have to tell you just how busy the scale crawling segment is, so Traxxas announced new snow tracks, a new G-Wagon version of the TRX-4, plus some other scale goodies. No, there were no new platform announcements from Nuremburg, but they had a solid booth with enough new gear to keep people coming by the booth.

Good old Tamiya wasn’t play’n in Nuremburg either. Tamiya (of course) brought a number of re-releases, but they also had some all new gear as well. From a new Comical Hornet, to some trick drivers figures, Tamiya had a great Toy Fair. It sounded like the hardcore collector guys were stoked at what they saw from the show, and they certainly impressed the industry crowd with a huge booth loaded with new announcements.

Oh ya, what was my favorite new announcement from the Toy Fair? That would have to go to, ya, you are not going to believe it either, LOL, but the re-release of the Kyosho Turbo Optima. Ya, I love to rail against re-releases, but this one touches my heart. And it wasn’t that the Turbo Optima allowed me to start crushing the local fast guys on a track way back in the day, it wasn’t that at all. When I got my first Turbo Optima, I also made the best rc friends that I’ve ever made. A couple of my friends also ran that Kyosho, and we kept getting tighter and tighter through our hobby of rc. I am gonna buy 3 of those re-releases, build them, throw in the bestest of the best electronics, paint them the same colors that we used to run, then freak a couple old friends out when I invite them to an old school bash session! Seriously, I am looking forward more to that, can’t wait actually! OK, so I will stop ranting against the old school releases for a while… LOL.

That’s it for this week ya bunch of raving lunatics, get out and support those hobby shops and bash spots when ya can!

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