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THE Cub Report – To Build, Or Not To Build

Hello rc world, I trust you had a great weekend? Things around the BSRC offices have been crazy busy, and this upcoming week just might be one of the craziest that we will see all year. With that said, lets dive in...

Ya know, you will need to get up a bit early this Thursday to see exactly what the All New ARRMA Vehicle is going to be. It should officially drop at some point early on Thursday, then expect a plethora of info/details/video from both ARRMA/Horizon, as well as media sources. If you are a hardcore basher, yes, you are gonna want to set aside some cash specifically for this one!

Ya know, it was Traxxas that really set off the RTR (ready to run) craze back when the mighty T-Maxx was released. Traxxas has made the vast majority of their bones via selling RTRs, but in the last several months, they have been putting out some kits here and there. Perhaps the most surprising to me was the announcement last week that they would be putting out a kit version of their Stampede 4×4 monster truck.

For many years, first time consumers drove the market. Now days, long time hobbyists are making up more of the dollars being spent. Long time hobbyists have plenty of spare electronics laying around, a half dozen cars (to be conservative) in their garage, and regularly visit rc websites/groups/forums (remind you of anyone??? LOL). Whereas a first timer wants an experience that is super easy from the box to the backyard, many long time hobbyist prefer building from the ground up. Combine that with people from the crawling scene (who highly prefer kits) crossing over and buying bashing oriented rigs, it makes sense (cents!!!) to offer more kits now days. Many people never thought they would see a day when kits had higher sales than RTRs, and no, they aren’t there yet, but who knows what the future may hold.

Early last week we posted a Pro-Line video that showed all the steps required to turn a Traxxas Slash into one of those “no-prep” drag cars that you’ve been hearing so much about. A few members of the BigSquidRC Bash Crew plan on building some no-prep cars over the winter to dive deeper into that scene. Brian (the owner/editor) has been into the drag scene a very long time (like for 20 years), plus several of our St. Louis contributors have some serious drag experience as well. Now that I think about it, we should probably have some sort of contest- have Brian build one, Jeremy, Doug, etc, then race and see who “the man” is, LOL. Any which way, props to the P-L crew for putting out a video that does a great job of showing noobies (and all us hobbyists who have not built one yet) just how easy it is to make the conversion. I know of more than one manufacturer that expects the no-prep scene to really take off in 2020, I would love to see/help-make that happen.

Congrats, you actually made it all the way to the end. Thanks for reading, and support your local hobby shops and bash spots whenever ya can.

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