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THE Cub Report – To Infinity And Beyond

Hola party people, thank you for joining us here at BigSquidRC. As this is Memorial Day here in the states, us American’s are taking the day off to remember those that gave their lives for our country. It is also a huge weekend for rc as numerous big events are being held over the 3 day weekend, but more so, pretty much every basher in America is outside sending-it. Yes, even me (working on Kyosho 454 SS review)!

Speaking of big bash events, coming up on June 7-9 in Champaign IL is Horizon Hobby’s RC Fest. I’ve been to a LOT of rc events. Like pretty much all of them. Snowbirds, check. IFMAR worlds, check. ROAR nats, check, etc, but Horizon Hobby’s RC Fest is easily the biggest event that I’ve been to that encompasses our entire hobby. It has bashing, it has airplanes, and it also has- drones, helicopters, rock crawlers, 1/8 nitro buggies, scale monster trucks, and well, pretty much every genre in our hobby.

This year at Horizon Hobby’s RC Fest they have sooooooo much going on. For all you bashers, bring your gear! Yes, you can absolutely come out and bash with people from across the globe! But, while you are grabbing your bash trucks, go ahead and grab your scale rock crawler for some scale crawling action. Oh and, don’t forget your scale monster truck as there will be multiple events for it as well! And I could keep going, so basically, bring ALL your gear and you won’t be able to keep yourself from having an incredible time.

On tap for the 2019 edition of Horizon Hobby’s RC Fest-

* Primitive camping
* Open driving and flying!!!
* 1/8 off-road racing
* Rock Crawler challenge
* Bash Fest – Long Jump, Sumo Wrestling, Freestyle, etc
* Ridiculous Saturday night fireworks
* Food trucks and refreshment vendors (that rock)
* Loads of free prizes
* And the big one- you can rub elbows with thousands of hobbyist just like YOU!

The BigSquidRC Bash Crew will be out in force helping with the Long Jump (Paul Bludgen anyone?) and Sumo competitions, plus we’ll be out breaking trucks in half and generally just bashing all weekend. We would love to bash with you, so why not load up and plot your course towards Eli Field in Monticello Illinois with us?

That’s it for this week ya bunch of raving lunatics, get out and support your hobby when ya can!

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