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THE Cub Report- Too Good

Hello everyone, thanks for clicking over to THE Cub Report. Ya, it is a day late, but such is life in the rc biz. Our entire bash crew spent pretty much all day yesterday recovering from a longgggg weekend in Denver at the Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo.

Yup, I’ve been talking about that show for months upon months, so how did it turn out? Well… on the manufacturer side of things, they had a better turn-out than last year for surface rc. The show was blessed with big hitters like HRP, Horizon, and Traxxas, and they had loads of product scattered across their massive booths. The HRP crew was showing off one of the best scale crawler line-ups in all of rc (they distribute Cross, G Made, as well as Carisma), along with numerous air and boat products. The Horizon booth was also right on-point showing off all of their latest and greatest products for the rc hobby. And Traxxas, they really added to the show with their large try-me area and gnarly demos.


It was just too good. Actually, the “it” that I am referring to was the weather. At last year’s Denver show the weather was awesome with temps in the 50s and some sunshine here and there. That type of weather tends to reduce attendance a bit as some people will use the “way better than normal” weather to get outside one last time before Denver’s crushing winter completely sets in. This year, well, it was even better. Temps in Denver over the weekend were in the high 70s, with loads of glorious sunshine. Yes, the weather was simply too good this year, as many possible show-goers probably changed plans to get in some last minute outdoor activities while the getting was still good. With temps that warm, the consumer turnout was a bit low.

Now, the people that showed up were super stoked to be there. I can’t remember ever having spent so much time just talking with well versed consumers about the hobby at any show before. I actually had a blast just standing around shooting the rc bull. I would also say the same about other industry peeps in attendance. Even though the consumer turn-out was low, the people working the booths seemed stoked to be there, or at least stoked for a change of scenery for the weekend. The people that were actually inside the building were having one of the best times ever at a trade show.

So to boil it down, the Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo 2018 was perhaps the smallest show that I’ve ever been to, but also one of my favorites. Will there be another in 2019? We sure hope so, if we could only get mother nature to co-operate a little bit… LOL.

That’s it for this week, thanks for reading and get out and support those local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can!

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