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Happy eclipse day to you and yours. I traveled to a place called Desoto Missouri to do my viewing and it was indeed spectacular. With no clouds and a perfect sky, I was quite fortunate to get a pristine view of the eclipse.

So what’s going on in the rc world? After looking over the news from last week, the elephant in the room would have to be the announcement that Team Durango is gone. Back in the day, Durango was one of the trickest race cars that money could buy. They were known for their high-end design and materials, plus just plain going for it with distinctly different designs. I raced Durangos for a half decade and loved their handling which tended to suit my style of driving. Then came the big downturn of the rc industry. Then worse still, the big drop off in local racing. Now Durango is gone and will be sadly missed by many.

The RC4WD crew has gotten some excellent exposure for rc on Stacey David’s Gearz Nation show. Now I know all ya all have seen his show before. Stacey is one of the more approachable and affable characters in the “truck build” tv show biz, it is way super dope that he is featuring some rc products. Goodness knows our industry could use more “mainstream” exposure like that.

Also from last week, Traxxas put out a new video for their 4-Tec 2.0. First off, it is great to see a huge name like Traxxas making a push in the on-road segment. Secondly, gotta love that they shot it in 4k. Ya, I know “most” people still can’t view 4k at its full resolution, but it goes to show that Traxxas is not messing around with their video game. Traxxas pretty much puts out an epic video every week, the marketing team at Traxxas gets it, and it shows.

So there ya are ya bunch of hooligans, that’s it for THE Cub Report this week. As always, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can. Oh and… my email is always open for ASK Cubby, thecubreportrc at gmail dot com

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Posted by in cubby, The Cub Report on Monday, August 21st, 2017 at 11:30 pm