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THE Cub Report, Version 01.10.2010

First off, here’s the LINK of the week. CLICK HERE No, I’m not going to Rick Roll ya with a blind link. The link takes you to the Toys “R” Us website.

Did you know that Traxxas is not only sold at Pep Boys, but also now at Toys “R” Us? Did you know that some models of HPI are also sold at Toys “R” Us?

With that said, I’ve heard many “core” hobbists say that Traxxas being in a Toys “R” Us is a big sell out. Those same people argue that Traxxas being in Toys “R” Us makes our hobby look more hack and makes their products look more “Tyco” like. I say WHAT? Every rc car we buy, no matter how expensive or esoteric, is still just a toy car. (If you doubt that, go out and build a full size SCCA car, put your a$$ on the line and go race it, then get back to me) Our hobby IS playing with toy cars, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, as it is our hobby. If you want to view this in a healthy manner, accept that fact, and accept the fact that the more mainstream our hobby gets, the better our hobby will become. More mainstream will equal more people to race with, more people to bash with, and more money for the research and development department at your favorite rc car manufacture to come up with cool stuff.

Are surface radio controlled hobbies really about to blow up mainstream (I never thought I’d live to see the day)? Well, getting into the local Pep Boys and Toys “R” Us is a HELL of a good start. Traxxas sponsoring the TORC series and getting tons of tv airtime is a HELL of a good thing. The HPI/Tamiya/Kyosho R/C Motorsports Experience was also a nice step in the right direction exposing our hobby to thousands of fresh faces. Are we really and truly on the verge? Based on the evidence shown, we are closer than perhaps we’ve EVER been. If you are some average Joe Blow Basher type, your part in helping us go mainstream is to remember every noob that shows up is the most important person there, so help’em out instead of blowing them off.

girl squid Picture of the week. Yes, hot chics dig BigSquid RC. 🙂

Quick note, as mentioned in the “Ask Cubby” column, I am getting my s#!% together and going on a solid schedule. Look for the “Ask Cubby” column every Thursday, and “THE Cub Report” every Monday. You can set your watch to it now, and if you are one of those lawsuit happy types, my new set schedule should save your finger a lot of hits on the refresh button. 🙂

Ever heard of the Tilted Kilt? Well, if you haven’t, you have now, as they are officially the hang out spot for the BigSquidRC crew. The Tilted Kilt is essentially a competitor for Hooters type restaurants. In short, the food tastes great, and well, the scenery is simply wonderful. So if you get a chance, check a Tilted Kilt out, you’ll be glad that you did. Click HERE to find your nearest location.

That’s it for this week rc fans. Send all hate mail and lawsuit threats to Brian, because I’m simply to lazy to read them. Support your local hobby shops and tracks!

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