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THE Cub Report, Version 04.03.09, Lewis- Don’t Lie to the FIA

Brian really, really hates me. See, he’s the editor in chief here at BigSquidRC, and the guy that gets all the hate emails, death threats, hate calls, cease and desist letters, and inquires on who exactly it is that needs to be served with the papers for lawsuits. This week after the April Fools Edition Cub Report, I set all new standards for Cub-Hate. One of these days Brian is going to balk on cutting my paycheck. Till then, welcome to more truth, facts, fiction, satire, and the rumors known as THE Cub Report.

Fox Racing Shocks held their annual spring product introduction this year at Zaca Station MX in Buelton California. As usual you ask, WTF does this have to do with rc racing? Well haha! Fox was introducing their all new Podium RC3 shock for motocross bikes and showed what looked to be borrowed rc shock technology! When was the last time motocross borrowed from rc? You see previously the standard for setting the shock pre-load on a motocross bike was a pair of collars that were a real PITA to adjust. Fox’s new way-super-dope Podium RC3 shock features pre-load adjusters very much like those from the original Associated RC10. Ok, so I’m sure Fox in no way borrowed this tech from rc cars, but still neat to see Fox advancing the envelope in shock design with concepts that have been used in our realm.

I have another cross-over item, this time between 1:1 short-course trucks, 1:1 motocross and rc racing. The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (now known affectionately as LOORRS- No, I’m not kidding) shot out a press release this week denoting they’ve got some high profile former mx’ers running their season opener this weekend in Primm Nevada. Carey Hart, first man to attempt a backflip in competition, tatoo reality tv star, and former husband to Pink, is signed up and racing the Pro 2 class. Moto living legend, and former IRL hotshoe Jeff Ward will join him on the starting line in Pro 2. And finally, freestyle mx legend, ghostrider at the 97′ Anaheim supercross, and head of the Metal Mulisha, Brian Deegan, will be on hand racing in the Unlimited Lite Truck class. It’s been a bit of a toss up thus far which of the short course series is going to make the biggest impact this year. With the addition of big name moto-stars and a great tv package, it looks like the LOORRS (LOL) series has the temporary edge over the TORC series. This means more “bang for the buck” for Associated’s involvement with LOORRS, and perhaps not as much for Traxxas as the primary sponsor of TORC.

By the way, the May issue of Car Action has only a paltry 135 pages. My, how the mighty have fallen.

It has “mysteriously” come to my achtung that some “industry insiders” don’t believe that having large, “outside the industry” sponsors for our rc racing would be a good thing for our sport. Unfortunately, some of the “people” in control of our sport have absolutely no F’n clue what they are doing, nor want/know how to enlarge our sport. They have no basic understanding on how professionally run racing is promoted, sanctioned, and paid for. I’ve wondered for years just how our wonderfully fun and competitive sport can continue to shrink. Well over this last week I’ve become intimately aware on where the bulk of the problem actually lies, and it’s not pretty. In fact, some of the “insiders” with large amounts of influence on how our sport is handled are just plain clueless idiots. Sorry I can’t provide the entire backstory at this time. But I will at some point, and it’s epic, trust me.

No matter the type of racing, a sanctioning bodys primary job is to provide rules and race officials. Typically a separate race promoter is used, with their job being to make sure the stands are filled. Race sponsors are also a necessity in true professional racing, as they are the ones paying the bills. NASCAR is a fine example of a sanctioning body that doubles as a race promoter. They are able to do so thanks to LARGE AMOUNTS OF OUTSIDE SPONSORSHIP. If it wasn’t for large piles of raw cash provided by Winston, Nextel and Sprint (among many, many others), NASCAR would never be the household name it is today. NASCAR would not, nor could not, put on the types of events they do now funded entirely by entry fees.

Some inside the rc industry don’t even see the Need for outside sponsors. Others argue that rc is just too small to draw in big time sponsor money. Well, big money outside sponsors are not nearly as stupid as some of the people running our sport as they got to be big money companies by making the right moves at the right times. Rc racing could easily offer such a potential sponsor a tremendous “bang for the buck”, the kind of good deal that such a potential sponsor simply would not pass up. Sell the title sponsorship of a premier rc racing series for 50 grand, but give the sponsor a half million in equivilant advertising in return. Only this kind of money can put rc racing on a more mainstream level.

Perhaps some in our industry are content with rc remaining some weirdo fringe sport. I am not. I have seen far too many people spent way too much time and money for their love of our sport. I’ve seen too many racers work way too hard, spend way too many hours and run themselves to the brink of bankruptcy because they are so serious about being the fastest racer they can be. Nearly everyone in this sport works as hard at it, if not more so, than the full size equivilant. The technology involved in our industry is also extremely serious. Not as esoteric as Formula One racing, but we are a long ways from flying rubber band planes here. In fact, some of our technology (the batteries we use) are just as trick as those used in any form of racing. Our sport deserves better recognition, bigger racing venues, better pay for the top drivers, and most importantly, more respect. Outside sponsorship is just the first step in that direction.

Till next week (hopefully), support your local hobby shops, local tracks, and get those rc stickers on your 1:1 rides.

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