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THE Cub Report, Version 04.04.2010

This is an exciting week for BigSquid. We’ve worked long and hard on our Li-po Shootout 2, and the results are ready to be posted. Testing batteries might not be “hard” work compared to a construction worker, but it is certainly time consuming. Take the capacity test for example- it takes slightly over 1 hour to fully charge up a battery at a 1C charge rate, then roughly another hour to get the actual capacity during a 1C discharge, then yet another hour to recharge the pack for the next test. Multiply that three hour process by 8 battery packs and I think you start to get the idea. You could also take into consideration our track driving test, where 3 different drivers hit the track with each pack to see which feels fastest. Three drivers getting wheel time with 8 different packs, all that have to be charged, then driven, then recharged, and you can do the math, it just equals a lot of time, a lot of time that traditional magazines just won’t spend.

Considering that BigSquid is often referred to as “The Anti-Magazine”, we really do work our asses off to provide the most accurate and non-biased test results possible. It certainly would be advantageous for us to gain more advertisers if all we posted was kiss a$$ reviews, but if we did that we’d be no different than the mags (with a few exceptions now days) and we’d have no respect for ourselves or from our readers. Part of what we do to get non-biased results is using “blind” test methods whenever possible. This is something you just don’t see anywhere else, even though it’s a much more accurate way to test than other methods. When our test drivers were busting out laps getting a feel for each battery, they had no idea what brand battery was in the truck at that time. Even if our test drivers had preexisting biased towards a certain brand name, they simply did not have the opportunity to exercise it. In fact, every conceivable way that we could make testing more fair or equal, we did, no matter if it took a lot of extra time or effort.

To boil it down, we hope you enjoy our Li-po Shootout 2, we’ve worked our asses off for you our readers on that one.

Oh and, all you consumers owe me. Yes, yes you do. Before I started talking about “shootouts” in THE Cub Report the last couple of years, you NEVER saw a one in an rc mag. Shootouts by the mags aren’t likely to be unbiased due to all their advertisers, but even a sh^##y shootout is better than kiss ass single reviews. There have actually been two others beefs of mine that have changed the way things are done in rc lately, so it’s nice to see the mags are reading THE Cub Report on a weekly basis and taking notes.

One last thing for this week. Bet you didn’t know that BigSquid’s catchy “Basher Approved” slogan is actually trademarked by BigSquid. Yes, seriously, that’s no joke. You might see the slogan in others places, but trust me, you won’t be seeing it for very long unless it’s the BigSquid seal of “Basher Approved” LOL. If you are a manufacture and think you’ve got some kick ass product that is tough as nails, trust me, it’s cheaper to submit it to BigSquid for testing than the settlement that our scum sucking lawyer is going to shoot your way. Just say’n….

That’s it for this week. Support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

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