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THE Cub Report, Version 05.09.2010

Danny “Magoo” Chandler passed away last week. If you’ve never heard the name, that’s not surprising, but if you are a motocross fan you’ll know Magoo nearly had God status. Magoo Chandler was one of the fastest motocross riders ever to sling a leg over a bike, and he was arguably the most popular of all time. Why was he so popular? Because Magoo was different, much different, his brain had no speed limiter, no “oh sh!#” response. Magoo rode as fast as a motorcycle would let him ride. There is no rc racing equivalent to Magoo. Sure Kinwald, Pavidis, Kortz, Masami, and Francis are some of the greatest our sport has ever seen, and all were/are amazing to watch drive, but watching Magoo ride a Maico or works Honda 500 was literally a life altering experience. Chandler just never shut off the throttle, regardless of what might happen to him. Every race for Magoo could have been his last and the fans loved him for giving it all his all 100% of the time. Unfortunately for Chandler a crash in Paris left him with a broken neck back in the 80’s, leaving him paralyzed. Chandler gave so much to the sport of motocross, even his ability to walk. GodSpeed Magoo, there will never be another like you, and you will ALWAYS be remembered.

Our fearless editor Brian is a humble type of guy. He doesn’t talk about the success he’s had programming award winning video games, and he certainly doesn’t talk about how BigSquidRC has blown up the last 6 months. Now BSRCs world rank for a website isn’t anything super special (but it is steadily climbing), as we’d much rather post articles relevant to the RC basher market than water down our front page with some freak with an unpronounceable name that just won the 10th scale astro turf nationals. Our readers just don’t care who won the Kazakhstan 5th scale rally car championship. We try to keep our front page filled with interesting news so our readers don’t have to wade through all kinds of crap to get to the good stuff.

To digress, Brian won’t toot the horn for BSRC, but I will- thanks to all you readers we’ve been growing like crazy. BSRC has doubled it’s US page rank in the last few weeks. Ya for sure, we’ve still got a couple more mountains to climb before we get where we really want to be, but thanks to all of you, we are getting there. I invite all our readers to hit a few web ranking sites to see how far we’ve come and to compare our page rankings to some of the other rc sites you visit on a daily basis.

A while back one of the mags made contact with BigSquid with a buyout offer. BigSquidRC is Brians baby so he said he’d never sell (and it’d be an injustice to our readers), but it makes sense why a mag would be willing to cut a check to own BigSquid. I mean, the mags are screwed plain and simple, it’s like they are blacksmiths trying to sell horseshoes in the 1920’s while cars are starting to catch on- the end of their day isn’t quite there yet, but it’s damn close. Most of the magazine websites continue to lose viewers each month, if a mag were to buy BigSquidRC or a RedRC type of site they could instantly jump to the top of the rc news web heap. I highly doubt Brian will ever sell BSRC, but I’ll bet there will be some rather interesting meetings going on around iHobby time….

On a different note, last week I mentioned just how cool a new liquid cooled Kyosho nitro buggy would be. Who would have thought that would have prompted a message to me about a certain company testing liquid cooling on their brushless motors? A lot of prototype gear never makes it to market, but I’d love to pop in a 4S pack and a huge pinion gear and run all day without worries of overheating my BL motor. ­čÖé I really hope this makes it to market as it’s the natural next step in the evolution of brushless technology.

That’s it for this week, Thank You All For Reading, we appreciate your support, and as always, try to drop by your hobby shop and local track or bash spot!

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