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THE Cub Report, Version 07.19.2010

Hello again rc hobbyists, industry types, and people that just stumble in from a Google search. Damn glad to see ya.

So…. I got to hold the new HPI MTT (Mini Trophy Truck) in my hands. I guess the main thing that entered into my mind while looking it over was just how much passion the guys at HPI have right now for their trade. It was glaringly obvious from looking the truck over that whoever designed this truck didn’t do it because of a paycheck, they did it out of pure passion for the hobby. And perhaps even more impressive was that HPI gave the project the green light. Within this industry there are a whole lot of designers who come up with great ideas that get shot down by the suits because the project would be too costly, or too risky, or just didn’t fall into some bland mold that “successful” products should come out of. So props to the entire HPI crew on the Mini Trophy Truck, Traxxas got the ball rolling in the right direction with their Slash, HPI finished off the job. Mark my words, two years from now, looking scale on the outside AND under the hood will be copied by every big name manufacture.

I have a new favorite driver. Reading through the press releases I saw that German Kyosho touring car driver Chris Krapp was kick’n butt at the Euro Touring Series. Perhaps in time, with enough practice, I can drive like Krapp.

For those industry types that dig THE Cub Report and are looking for a spot to market that Everyone reads/sees every week, shoot Brian at BigSquidRC dot com an email about how you can sponsor THE Cub Report.

Word just in- Thunder Power is IN for the third BigSquidRC Li-po battery shootout. Details coming in the next few weeks.

I saw that EPIC released info on some of their new brushless motors last week. Does anybody else have to giggle when they see those? Seriously, that rant that Trinity put out years ago about how bad brushless motors were will Never be forgotten, well, at least not by me. 🙂 Anyways, looks like they’ve got some new 18th scale and 550/SC brushless motors on the way. Check’em out if you are also the hypocritical type…..

I heard the new issue of Xtreme RC Cars does NOT have a hot chic on the cover? I haven’t seen the latest issue, but seriously? I hope that was just a nasty rumor…

BigSquidRC should have some B I G news for you animals next week. Yes, this is a teaser, and yes, I hate teasers too, but I couldn’t resist. 🙂 Please turn on the speculation machine now…….

That’s it for this week, as always support your local hobby shops, tracks, and local bash spots!

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