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Ever notice how there just aren’t any “concept cars” in the rc world? You know, like the uber exotic cars shown at the big auto shows to “wow” consumers and create marketing buzz? Wouldn’t it be trick if some rc company busted out an uber esoteric “this is what you will be driving in 2020” concept car/truck? I’m officially calling out AE, Losi, Traxxas, X-Ray, Mugen, Schumacher, and the rest of the manufactures to produce such a vehicle. So many of todays base platforms have gone virtually unchanged for decades, perhaps some true concept cars will not only create new excitement in the industry, but might just help push technology to the next level. How do you know how to get there, if you don’t even know where you are headed? Lets see some “2020” concept vehicles.

Ever notice how you rarely see any youth classes at your local track now days? I’ve always judged the health of a track by the size of it’s youth class, and judging the last dozen tracks I’ve been to, I haven’t seen any “healthy” tracks. I say this because- how can you expect to have big turnouts twenty years from now if you aren’t helping young racers get started today?

If you are a track owner, you need to take a long hard look at why you might pull 20-80 adult racers a weekend, and zero youth racers. If you are a local track owner, you should ask yourself if selling out and putting in a hard track for the local hard core racers is better than putting in a less challenging, but fun track, that would attract and help keep noob and youth racers. If you are a local track owner ask yourself why do you keep putting up with all the crap the hard core guys give you about every little detail of your track and facilities, crap you wouldn’t have to endure if the majority of your racers were youth or noobs. If you are a local tack owner ask yourself would you rather have 40 hard core entries a week, or 40 entries of new and youth racers that are just there to have a good time.

If you are a local racer, you should know your biggest goal at a club race isn’t to “win”, it’s to help new and youth racers learn, and to help them have a good enough time that they come back again next week. If you are a local racer and think that winning a local race is more important than building the future of the hobby, you straight up need kicked out till you get your priorities right. If you are a local club racer and do not realize the MOST important people at your track are the new and youth racers, then you don’t know chit about your chosen hobby and you are the one looking like a buffoon. If you are a local club racer and think that each club race is more important than winning an IFMAR world title, you have manure between your ears. Most local “hard core” racers have no idea that even the most elite racers in this sport don’t bitch, moan and run off noobs as much as they do. They have no idea that someone can win the biggest championship this sport has to offer and 100 yards away from the venue the mass population does not give a crap who you are or what you may have won.

Above all in this hobby what really matters isn’t how many “S” your electric car runs off of, how many national titles you have under your belt, or how many trucks you sell a year, it’s actually all about people. When your racing career is over, and it will be someday, what people will remember the most about you is how much you helped out others, particularly the noobs and youth.

That’s it for this week. Support your sport, hit your local LHS’s, tracks, and bash spots, and lend a helping hand to the noobs and youth that show up.

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