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THE Cub Report, Version- Anti-Social Media

Hello one and all, welcome to this week’s Cub Report. While I certainly hope your 3 day weekend is jovial and filled with BBQ’ed brats and ice cold beer, let’s not forget all those people that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. The home of the brave and the land of free speech…

Speaking of free speech, I see an awful lot of people using that privilege right to the edge on social media. Back “in the day”, everyone was anonymous and full of crap. Now days, everyone’s pictures and profiles are right next to their steaming pile of free speech. Ya, I know that is highly hypocritical of me to say, but I am getting paid to be the hated a-hole B.S. guy, very, very few of the people on Facebook are…

For example… lets say some rc media site posts up the latest monster truck from Happy Flower RC on their Facebook page. Lets say that post gets 20 replies. Ever notice how about 2 of them are “Wow, cool new truck! Wonder when it is gonna hit my LHS?”, and the other 18 are responses like “What a stink’n pile that thing is, it doesn’t even have a center diff!”, or one like “OMG that thing is such a knock-off, and why the hell did they put a center diff in it!?!”. Ok ya, I get it that people love to use their free speech, but when a noobie-noob looks at all those negative responses, like for every new truck ever announced, how stoked do you think that guy is gonna be to go out and spend money in the rc hobby? Seriously folks, if you are in the hobby already, why flip out on every single product ever announced when you should know that actual noobie consumers will end up reading your response? It amazes me how so many people think its a good idea to hate on new products, when after all, unless you’ve actually driven the new Happy Flower MT, you have absolutely ZERO idea if it is good or bad. Hating on a new product that you’ve never even seen in person just makes you look like a wanna-be/hater/poser. Sadly, wayyyyyyy too many people feel the need to force-feed the world more of their stupidity. To boil it down, what noob wants to buy a new car/truck that seemingly everyone has a negative opinion of and it hasn’t even been released yet? Our industry is having a tough enough time right now, if you still want it to be around 5 years from now you might want to take a more positive approach when leaving a reply on FB.

But wait, there’s more! All those idiots also love to post on their local track or club’s FB pages. Once again, what noob wants to hang-out with what appears to be a bunch of a-holes based on their FB posts? I see it all the time, track and club pages have turned into small nuclear war pages where person after person throws bomb after bomb, trying to bring down the organization. Tell ya what, tired of the same 10 people showing up? The same 10 that have been showing up for the last half decade? Want like 20 or 30 people to show up? Then quit being a-holes on your track or club’s FB page. Noobs want to run/drive with guys that appear cool, that appear affable, that appear to be easy to get along with. They don’t want to run/drive with a bunch of guys that seemingly enjoy flipping out on each other, or only care about who has won the most races, or why only their opinion is right and everyone else’s is just screwed.

I’m just say’n, if you gotta have a negative meltdown, post it your FB timeline, not on a club or manufacturer’s FB page. If you have a big beef with someone specific in the rc community, do it via PM, not via your track’s FB page.

So ya people, free speech is a great thing, heck it’s what THE Cub Report is based on, but even I am not negative 1000% of the time. Take it easy on each other, take it easy on new product releases, and take it easy on the noobs out there. Well, at least if you want this hobby to keep on existing…

So there ya have it ya bunch of lunatics, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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