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THE Cub Report, Version- Enema of the State

I certainly hope you’ve been having a bash-tastic Memorial Day weekend thus far. In case you’ve been living under a rock (and some people actually get it wrong), Memorial Day is a day for remembering all those that died while serving in our armed forces. If it wasn’t for them, you and I wouldn’t be sitting here enjoying all the freedom that we have today.

One of those freedoms is bashing rc cars. Everyone bashes slightly differently, but here are my Top 5 Bashing Things To Do On Memorial Day.

5. Go bigger than ever. You know the biggest you’ve ever jumped before (50 feet, 100 feet, etc), grab some extra wood/plastic/other-ramp buidling material and set a new personal big jump record. Go EPIC today, measure it, then try to beat it again next year.

4. Most local/state parks are packed today, a great chance to show others about our hobby. Why not grab a car/truck/boat and pull some trigger for some muggles? Keep it safe and “mainstream”, meaning don’t drive close to other people and keep the noise down, but otherwise show some people that rc isn’t just a some nerd hobby, it’s good ole’ fashioned family fun.

3 Pull trigger somewhere that you never have before. Don’t be an idiot and go some place illegal, but get in some packs at a bash spot that you’ve always wanted to go, but never managed to make it to. One of the coolest parts of bashing is finding an awesome new spot, go out and find one instead of hitting your normal place.

2. You know that one buddy of yours that isn’t into rc? Know that Uncle/Cousin/Nephew who has always wanted to see you drive but has never got the chance? Yup, shoot him a text and see if he wants to head to the park for a day of rc bashing. Grab a few trucks, hit the park, and have a blast.

1. If you are a hardcore hobbyist, you have a few extra trucks laying around that you don’t use anymore. Heck, most of the guys I know have dozens of extra trucks. Grab one (that isn’t broken or messed up) and head to your local park or track. Pick out some kid who obviously isn’t into the hobby and give it to him.

That’s it folks, go out and have some fun. Oh ya, don’t forget to support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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